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Thomas Sirsla

Insurance Expert

Thomas Sirsla is a former schoolteacher who taught economics for many years before getting into the insurance industry and coming to work with American Insurance. His ability to explain complicated facts about insurance policies easily, and to simplify them down so you can compare apples to apples is what makes him one of our most popular insurance agents. Saving money, by being more efficient is avoiding waste is what economics is really all about – and acquiring the best auto insurance coverage at the most competitive rates is exactly the same sort of endeavor. Few do it as well as Thomas, and nobody does it better!

To learn more and save by getting the very best insurance at the lowest possible rate for your premiums, deductibles and out of pocket expenses, you do need to read the policy careful. Thomas Sirsla has the experience and understanding to help you through your journey until you reach your goal by getting the best insurance for the lowest possible price right now.