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Home Insurance Iowa

Home Insurance Iowa

Iowa is a corn state where lots of corn and other plants are grown that feed American bellies. It is called the Hawkeye state, which is a nickname that it got from a guy who wanted to honor a Native American friend, Chief Black Hawk. Iowa has harsh winters and hot summers. It gets cold and hot and cold again throughout the year. The spring and summers bring some wild weather that takes you along for a ride whether you’ve got home insurance Iowa or not. While the average number of tornadoes seen in the state each year is 47, in one year, 2008, they got over 100. It was the deadliest tornado year on record since 1968. Not only that, but tornadoes are very destructive to houses so you need to make sure you’ve got the best homeowners insurance at the end of the day.

The cheapest Home Insurance Iowa is found in Muscatine, a medium sized town that has some historic attractions. For one reason of another the home insurance rates of the state are around 22% cheaper than the rest of the state! Cedar Rapids is a larger city of the state that has the second cheapest home insurance rates. They are over $300 less than other places in the great state of Iowa! Humboldt, IA has some of the most expensive rates for home insurance. There are some reasons why experts think this is so. First of all, the city doesn’t have a regular fire department. Everyone in the department is just a volunteer. They are very well trained but they are not professionals hired to do the job. Mapleton, IA has the second most expensive home insurance in the state. This is because they have had 60% of the town destroyed from a tornado back in 2011 and the people of the state believe that could happen again.

While some of the home insurance is pretty expensive, the range in the state is only about $600. The cheapest places are around $1300 and the most expensive places are around $1900 for 2 story homes with an attached garageю

Iowa has tornadoes, yes, but they also have plenty of floods. Whether or not you’re in a flood zone you should still get flood insurance. If you are in a flood zone it’s double important because those are zones that have probably flooded in the past. With the climate changing even areas that were previously not prone to floods could get water damage. Over 85% of the land in the state of Iowa is used for farming. This means that there are large plots of land that don’t always have someone watching them. There is something called Umbrella insurance which many people in this state get because of this reason. It gives you extra coverage in case something happens on your land that you don’t have much control over. It’s a good idea in case someone stumbles onto your property and gets injured, or something gets damaged and you need to fix it straight awayю

All of the normal national insurance companies offer plans in the state, but there is also the popular Iowa Farm Bureau which is designed perfectly for farmers and is sold by people who truly know what Iowans really need. They are a great local business to support that also has other benefits, and the discounts only grow the longer you are with them.