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Home Insurance Michigan

Home Insurance Michigan

Michigan is a great state that has so many different ecosystems and regions. The name of the state comes from a Native American word that means big water, which makes sense because the state has some of the Great Lakes as part of it. Michigan has many nicknames. The Great Lakes state is one for obvious reasons. There is also The Wolverine State because the animal lives in the area. It’s also called The Mitten State for it’s long and cold winters. Water-Winter Wonderland is another nickname because of how many people who live there enjoy the combination of cold and snowy winters and water sports in the summers. The northern parts of the state near to the lakes have what is known as “lake effect snow.” This snow can result in over 160 inches falling in just one year. This can lead to roof damage and other things that you would want to have home insurance Michigan for. The state’s southern portion is part of tornado alley - the part of the state that is particularly prone to tornadoes.

The weather in this state is quite unpredictable. That’s why you will definitely want your home insurance Michigan to include flood and water damage insurance. You will want to make sure that your plan also has coverage for frozen pipes and flooding that can result from that. Many homes in the state also have septic tanks. You will want to make sure your tank is covered on your homeowner’s insurance plan too, because some plans exclude such devices even though they are essential to the functioning of your home. 

Michigan is an interesting state. Some of it’s cities have made the news for the poor economy and poisoned water. Even though Detroit’s economy is seriously suffering and some houses can be bought at auction for ridiculous prices, the home insurance there is still quite high with an average of nearly $4,000 to insure a home there. However, some company’s rates are as low as $500 and others charge nearly $8000, so the prices vary quite a bit leading to that average. No one knows why the home insurance is so expensive but some people cite highly unpredictable conditions as the cause. Conversely, Grand Rapids is the 2nd largest city and has some cheap home insurance. The average cost there is about $1000 and is actually the 2nd cheapest in the state!

Flint is another important city in the state because a few years ago it was discovered that the water there was extremely dangerous to drink. Perhaps that is the reason why it has the second most expensive homeowner’s insurance in the state. However, it’s still possible to find cheap insurance there with some companies offering rates as low at $700 or $800 and others offering rates that are a few thousand bucks.

Wherever you live in the state it’s clear that some companies offer home insurance Michigan at affordable rates and other companies offer it at astronomical costs that drive the average prices up. The most affordable company in the state appears to be Liberty Mutual so give them a try if you haven’t been able to find a plan you can afford. Everyone in Michigan needs home insurance.