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Home Insurance Wisconsin

Home Insurance Wisconsin

Wisconsin is more than just a state that is all about cheese, though they do make a lot of cheese there. It’s a beautiful place with some exciting cities and lots of country area plus a whole bunch of dairy farms. One strange fact about this state is that it ranks in the top ten of states in the country for dog bites. If that sounds strange don’t get too worried, it just means that if you’ve got a mutt your home insurance Wisconsin prices might be a little bit higher. Dog bites are a costly claim and the only one that is more common or costly is a fire. So you will need to get a type of home insurance that covers the breed of dog that you have. 

Milwaukee is the biggest city in the state the most common claim there is from theft or burglary. That’s just something that is part and parcel of living in a bigger city. So you will probably find that you can get a better deal on home insurance Wisconsin if you make some home improvements to improve security. Some of the best insurance companies give you deals for having things like a burglar alarm or other preventative measures. In less urban areas the top claims are from wind and hail damage, meaning that in suburban and rural areas you will need to make sure things are tied down firmly at your home and that you have a covered place to store outdoor things where they won’t get damaged in a hail storm.

Luckily for the residents of this nice state the home insurance rates are pretty low. They’re just about $100 more per year than they are in Oregon, which is the cheapest state. Wisconsin is one of those states where the rates for home insurance can vary by up to 50% so in some places you might pay double what people pay in the cheapest areas. The absolute cheapest place in the state for home insurance Wisconsin is Sheboygan. It’s a city which is known for great food like bratwurst and sausages. Once a year there is even a sausage eating contest! The second most cheap town for home insurance Wisconsin is Port Washington. There are 11,000 residents here in this town that’s just about 30 or 40 minutes from Milwaukee. 

The most expensive place for home insurance Wisconsin is Hudson. This place is a gorgeous area that has so many beautiful views. This town is right on the St. Croix River which could be why it has more expensive premiums. This river may flood so home insurance companies are wary of people living near there. New Richmond is another place with high premiums. This town has a lot of tornados that roll through in the spring and summer months, so that is definitely the primary reason for the higher rates. The most expensive places for home insurance here are about $2000 while the cheapest are around $1000 so you can see it depends very strictly on where you live in the state and what type of home that you have.

Getting home insurance Wisconsin will allow you to enjoy your cheese filled Wisconsin life whether you live on a dairy farm or in the big city. Find out what rates you can get by checking each different sort of company that offers quotes in this great state. You‘ll find you get a better deal when you shop around. Home insurance is important for every homeowner and you will sleep better knowing you are covered for anything that might happen.