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Home Insurance in South Carolina

Home Insurance in South Carolina

South Carolina is a beautiful state that is known for many things. They have a lovely coastline to explore, and historic plantations that are now museums detailing how people used to live back in the 1800s. The state is sometimes called The Palmetto State because of the plant that is so popular there. Surprisingly South Carolina has some earthquakes, which is a little known fact. There was even a large 7.2 earthquake in 1886 that was quite destructive. The state also has some other extreme weather including tropical storms and hurricanes. These storms can cause a lot of destruction from high winds and flooding of course. These are why it is quite important for residents of the state to get home insurance. This will protect your abode should anything wild happen that is either predicted or completely unexpected!

The cheapest places to get home insurance in South Carolina would be Greenville and York Counties. The most expensive places are Charleston County and Georgetown County. The most expensive places are thus because they are right on the ocean and more prone to strong storms and flooding. The sea is a cruel and unpredictable natural object that brings more unpredictable weather and damage to homes. Of course it is also extremely beautiful and everyone wants to live right on the water! 

In the recent past, SC has received some of the worst floods anyone could have ever predicted, meaning it’s important to have flood coverage as part of your home insurance in South Carolina. Even areas that no one ever predicted would have a flood got covered in water, meaning that some people were not even covered. With the climate changing, you never know what could happen so it’s best to get as much coverage as you think is good.