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Pennsylvania Health Insurance

Pennsylvania Health Insurance

Health insurance for Pennsylvania residents is vast and as a resident you have many available options individuals, families and students. If you are overwhelmed by the options you have, this article is for you. This article is intended to help you understand the options you have for individual, family, and student plans. It can cost you three times or more out of pocket for medical expenses if you are not insured. It will also cost you a significant fee when you file your taxes, as it is mandatory that every person who is a United States citizen must have health insurance coverage. It will cost over 600 dollars per adult and close to 350 per child in fees. Why waste all that money when there is something you can do about it? Get started now and get the protection you need to cover medical expenses. 

Options for Pennsylvania Health Insurance Coverage for Students

There are many Pennsylvania health insurance plans specifically for students. Some Pennsylvania colleges and universities may even require its students to hold health insurance. Check with your school to see if it is necessary. Even if it is not a requirement, as a student in Pennsylvania you should consider it a priority as you are likely on a budget, additional medical expenses can become difficult to manage. 

Some options to consider are the following: Student health plan, School sponsored plan, and Stay on parent’s plan. 

The Student Health Plan are usually for full-time students between 17 and 29 years old. Coverage can go wherever you travel to in the US. The only slight downfall of this plan is that you may be required to pay for your plan in a lump sum. 

School Sponsored Plans are offered at colleges and universities. They may not cover off-campus services and you may have to be a full-time student to be eligible. Check with your college or university to see if this kind of coverage is offered. 

The Stay on Parent’s Plan allows you to remain on your parent’s policy. Your parent’s are likely to handle this expense so it is easy for you. It is a law that children are able to stay on their parents plan until age 26 and it does not matter if you are enrolled in school. Check with the Pennsylvania State Department of Insurance to find out more about this matter. 

Family and Individual Health Insurance Plans

There are a number of health insurance companies that offer health insurance coverage in Pennsylvania. One health insurance company called American Insurance can assist you with every question or concern. Simply contact them through their website or by telephone to get more information.