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Staged auto crashes

Most people will be involved in a car accident at some point in their life. Some of these accidents, however, are by design. This is a very rare occurrence, but it is one of the ways that people can do insurance fraud. Sometimes these are organized by criminal networks that are highly sophisticated. The goal is to get payments from car insurance companies out of the massive amount of dollars going into the industry. Auto insurance is a multibillion-dollar industry. When fraud occurs, higher premiums are paid by everyone else to cover these losses. It can initially seem like a regular accident, one where you are driving along innocently, and a vehicle comes out of nowhere. Before you know what happened, passengers are getting out of their cars and complaining of injuries. Witnesses often appear in these types of accidents, and a stranger may urge you to go to a specific clinic or lawyer. Also, large damage and injury insurance claims can be filed against you by the other drivers.

Types Of Staged Accidents

Knowing what to look out for is essential, though knowing the types of staged accidents is even more important. The money from fake injury claims lures people into committing this type of fraud sometimes. It is big business overall, with some groups attempting to get payments from car insurance companies in the hundreds of millions through multiple accidents. In some states, this can add an additional $100 or more to the average person’s auto insurance policy. Any person can become a victim of this type of accident. There are a few different types of staged accidents out there.

Sudden Stops

Sudden stops are one of the most common tactics. While traffic is flowing smoothly, a car pulls up next to you so you cannot change lanes. All of a sudden, the driver in front of you will slam on the brakes, causing a rear-end collision. In most states, if you rear-end somebody, you will initially be deemed to be at fault for the accident. This is one of the most common ways individuals and organizations approach this fraud. When they are caught, massive damages can be owed; jail time can be given out, and more. Insurance fraud is a big deal, and companies prosecute.

Intersection Accidents

Sometimes a car will come out of nowhere at an intersection, such as a driver motioning you forward then driving into you. The driver will then claim to have never given you the signal. There are other strategies for this as well. If you are doing this from the stop sign, the driver can say that you ran the stop sign or that you pulled out in front of them. This is another common type of accident.

Accident Advice

You may be directed to go to specific clinics or attorneys by the other driver, which is a red flag. Sometimes ‘witnesses’ that show up at the accident will try and direct you to fraudulent service providers. In addition, you should suspect if many passengers suddenly appear, if the damage to the vehicles is minor and people are complaining of injuries, and more. Call 911, file a police report, and make sure to mention to your insurance provider the situation using factual statements. Phony witnesses are also sometimes part of the scheme, added to make statements, and they can also try to direct you to fraudulent companies or individuals for services.

What To Do After A Staged Car Accident

If you suspect involvement in a staged car accident, you will want to use the resources here. Contact the appropriate hotlines, call the police immediately after an accident occurs, use your camera to take pictures of the damages, write down the other driver's insurance information and name, as well as the address from their driver’s license. In addition, note the number of occupants in other vehicles. Avoid people who suddenly appear at an accident to try to direct you to doctors and attorneys. There are ‘physicians’ who insist you file a personal injury claim after an accident occurs, even when you are not hurt. Also, do not utilize tow trucks that suddenly appear when you have not called for service. Some other things can be done in advance to help prevent car crashes in general.

Safe Driving

Driving safe can help you save money on car insurance, and you should also use the free quote tools on this website to find the best prices for car insurance available. In addition, practicing safe driving tactics can help you avoid being the victim of a staged accident. One of the most prominent ways to do this is by avoiding tailgating, as an example.

Final Notes

Having a good insurance company to contact and investigate accidents is essential. Auto insurance is required by law in most states, and the free quote tools here allow you to quickly and easily get the best prices for auto insurance available. Comparing prices from multiple companies every couple of years is one of the top ways to save money.

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