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Home Insurance Nevada

Home Insurance Nevada

Nevada is a unique state. It’s often a blue state, but it is filled with some of the most libertarian laws. The people of the state just want to do their own thing without having anyone to bother them. The state is filled with desolate deserts and beautiful mountain landscapes. It’s also the site of some mysterious governmental facilities. Las Vegas is the shining star of the state as Sin City. Gambling is legal in the whole state as are brothels so everything that is sinful and illegal elsewhere is available for purchase. They say New York is the city that never sleeps but Vegas is a close second.

There are some natural problems in Nevada but all in all it has some pretty predictable weather. Hot and dry summers, warm and wet winters. Sure there is some flooding in certain areas and finding water is always a problem, but the state has some seriously affordable home insurance rates. The one thing to consider with home insurance Nevada is that they do get some earthquakes there. Sure, they are smaller shakes and they haven’t had a big one in a while, but before you buy a home first of all make sure it’s not on a fault line and second of all, get earthquake coverage!

The cheapest place to get home insurance Nevada would be Sun Valley. It’s a medium sized town of about 20,000 people near the California border. Nothing much happens there which is why home insurance is so affordable there. The next cheapest spot is Sparks. It’s not too far from Reno and lots of people live there who are part of the Reno atmosphere. 

Conversely, the more expensive places for home insurance Nevada include Incline Village and Ely. Incline Village is an upscale place that is in the Reno area. It attracts a lot of Californian’s who want to use Nevada as a tax haven, since it’s so close to the CA border. Ely, Nevada is a tiny town off of the loneliest highway in the US, Route 50. It’s closer to the border with Utah and you get there by crossing many mountain ranges and coming out onto the flat open plain. It is the gateway to Great Basin National Park which has some exciting caves and places to explore. No one is quite sure why it’s more expensive to get home insurance here, but they suspect the proximity to mountains leads to more inclement weather.

The most major coverage companies offer home insurance Nevada. The cheapest one seems to be the USAA. This is a company offering insurance that is only available to members of the US military. You don’t have to be currently enrolled. It’s also available to veterans too, as long as you have the proper paperwork to prove your service. State Farm is probably the largest provider of home insurance in the state because of its reliable agent based services and availability of easy to use online tools. Allstate is probably best suited to first time homeowners because they really walk you through the process of finding and owning a home. 

They have so many online resources that is really a great benefit when you do sign up. Even if you are an experienced homeowner you will definitely learn something new from them!

Most companies offering home insurance Nevada also offer a lot of discounts for different things like remaining claim-free for a certain period of time or for being a new customer. If you are looking for home insurance in this great state you will do yourself a favor by shopping around and finding the best price for your specific town and home.