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Health Insurance Texas

Health Insurance Texas

Texans, it is time for you to get your health insurance coverage under control! 15 percent of people who reside in Texas do not have coverage. This amount is higher than many other states in the U.S. Why pay more than what you need to on your health expenses? Did you know that the average resident in Texas pays over two grand for a hospital visit per day if uninsured? You are literally losing thousands of dollars and can change it by simple obeying the health insurance mandate. Without insurance, you are not only paying your medical bills out of pocket, you are also going to be fined when you file your taxes and it is not a small fee either. Over 600 dollars per adult and over 340 per child, this is not the kind of habit you want to stick with.

So what do you do? Look up health insurance providers on the web that provide plans in your home state and request a free quote. Do this multiple times with different health insurance companies and then you can compare and contrast health insurance Texas policies and costs.

Open enrollment has already ended for 2018 health insurance year however, you may still qualify. Go to healthcare.gov to see if you do and to take the next steps in being covered. You may be able to be covered under Medicaid should you not have a high income. In that case, you are still currently able to receive health insurance coverage.

Whatever you do, do not wait as even if you do qualify currently it will only be for a limited time and you do not want your time to run out and you to be stuck without coverage. It will only take a matter of minutes to find out based off of a form you fill out online or if you would rather speak with someone over the phone that is another option for you.

If you do not currently qualify, let this be a lesson to you to keep updated on what is going on with health insurance and get covered as soon as you can.