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Life Insurance - Rates, Coverage and Quotes by American Insurance

Life insurance can truly save your family financially if you get into a fatal accident and are no longer around to help them. It’s never too soon to get started and the faster you are protected by life insurance, the faster you will feel secure knowing that your family’s financial future is protected. Additionally, it is best to get your life insurance plan as soon as you are able to because it will no doubt be cheaper than if you wait. You are a higher risk to life insurance companies as you age due to illness and other factors. So if you’re considering purchasing a life insurance policy do so now.

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Live Your Life with Confidence. Life Insurance Meaning and Importance

Financial security is more important than it has ever been in the past as prices of living, education, and other day-to-day expenses have increased. Life insurance coverage can support your loved ones in providing the money for funeral costs and related and related expenses, college payments for your children or other dependents, mortgage payments, assistance in sustaining a family business, help resolve any outstanding debts and medical bills. It can be difficult to think about the day when you are no longer around but by doing so and getting life insurance coverage, you protect your family and their future.

Choose Wisely: Types of Life Insurance

There are two main kinds of life insurance coverage. They are term life insurance and permanent or whole life insurance. Term life insurance coverage provides benefits as long as you pay your premiums for a set amount of years. Typically between 10 – 30 years of coverage. There are options to renew your policy or to convert your policy into permanent life insurance with some stipulations but nevertheless are available for you. Term life insurance coverage is cheaper than whole life insurance but the rates of term life can increase over time as whole life insurance prices are fixed and never raise.

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The amount of money the beneficiaries receive is based off the plan you choose when signing up for life insurance. This is often referred to as the death benefit. Whole life insurance has an additional benefit called cash value. It can be used as a means to save money that may be used later by the insured as a living benefit. The money in served as the cash value can be used however the insured wants to.

Prior to signing the contract of a life insurance policy be sure to get multiple quotes from several life insurance providers. Also, make sure you understand the contract including the fine print to know how you are covered so no surprises come up for you. It’s smart to act fast when you are in good health as prices could skyrocket each year you wait. If you don’t understand some of the terms written in the policy ask someone for assistance. Bottom line: know what you’re getting yourself into before having a binding contract.

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