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Home Insurance Oregon

Home Insurance Oregon

Oregon is the state that takes the cake as having the cheapest home insurance in the whole country by some measures. Their average is about $1000 for a two story home with an attached garage. The state is pretty big and ranges from coast to coast. It does have its share of natural disasters that you will want to be covered for. These include wildfires. In 2015 and 2017 hundreds of thousands of acres were burned, including iconic hiking destinations in the state. It’s unfortunate but it’s a fact of life on the west coast. There are also some earthquakes. 

There are not as much as California, but there are enough to make it a concern. The west of the state is quite moist since it is by the sea. It’s not uncommon for homes in that area to have problems with mold, which can require quite extensive remodeling and work. Finally there is flooding along many of Oregon’s waterways to worry about. You will want to make sure you have coverage for all of these from your home insurance Oregon.

The cheapest place to get Home insurance Oregon is a town called Canby. It is mainly known for a silly news story of a psychic who is thought to have swindled a local rancher out of $15 million! Luckily your home insurance will not cost you that much here. The average price is somewhere around $700. Another cheap place for home insurance in Oregon is Keizer. This is a town of about 30,000 that is known for its annual iris festival. The town is well known for growing the ironically beautiful flowers and you can find them everywhere around town.

Conversely, Prineville is one of the more expensive places to get home insurance Oregon. This is a place that is very dry, with only about 20 days of precipitation per year. It gets very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, so it has pretty much everything besides tons of rain or tons of snow. Clatskanie is another place that is kind of expensive in the state for home insurance Oregon. The town takes its name from a now completely extinct Native American tribe. It’s sad but at least the name lives on.

We can’t talk about Oregon without talking about some of its most major cities. Portland is an awesome place that is pretty hip. Luckily home insurance there is pretty affordable at around $800 average. Eugene is known for having a lot of hippie type of people living there, but it is also a stepping off point for some of the best nature viewing and hiking in the area. Portland is a great place for some awesome adventures. Eugene’s home insurance prices are about the same as Portland! Salem is a city that’s just 50 miles south of Portland. Here you can get a good education at one of the many educational institutions in town, and get some affordable home insurance around $900 for the whole year.

Enjoy Oregon even more when you know that your home is covered fully by some great home insurance coverage whether it is from a major national company or a smaller regional provider. You will be able to enjoy everything in OR more knowing you have the coverage in case something happens.