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How much cost Chevrolet car insurance?

Chevrolet is one of the four divisions of the General Motors Company selling vehicles in the United States. Known almost universally as a Chevy, the car maker has been an American Standard for over one hundred years and has its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. For over one hundred years American car buyers have known and loved their Chevys. The company makes a full range of cars for virtually every niche in the market: small cars, large sedans, sports cars, pickup truck, cargo vans, you name it. Whatever your preference in a vehicle, Chevy likely has an offering for you. In addition to your standard gasoline powered vehicle, the company is a leader in electric vehicles. Its well regarded Bolt is reported to get over 250 miles on a single charge. Whichever Chevy you choose, be sure that you protect your investment with the right car insurance.

Average Insurance Cost for a Chevy

As you can imagine, the type of car you drive can influence your annual insurance premiums. It should come as a surprise to no one that a Corvette Stingray will cost more to insure (over $1,700 per year, on average) than a Chevy Cruze (about $1,100 per year) or a Siverado pickup truck (a little over $800 per year, on average). But the make of your Chevy isn’t the only factor in determining what you will pay for car insurance. Annual premiums also hinge on your demograohic information. Younger, more inexperienced drivers will inevitably pay a lot more for coverage than more seasoned drivers. And your personal driving record is one of the biggest factors insurance carriers consider when setting premiums. Safe drivers will get better rates no matter what Chevy you drive. Make sure you have the right depth of coverage. Most states have minimum amounts of insurance they reuire in order to legally register and operate a car, but it’s often wise to get additional coverage to protect yourself and your vehicle.

Chevrolet car insurance rates by model

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
Bolt Ev $238 $36,620
Camaro $156 $25,905
City Express $171 $22,405
Colorado $161 $20,000
Corvette $237 $55,450
Cruze $238 $16,975
Equinox $177 $23,100
Express $171 $30,745
Impala $175 $27,500
Malibu $239 $21,680
Silverado $160 $27,785
Sonic $175 $15,145
Spark $181 $13,000
SS $164 $46,625
Suburban $172 $49,915
Tahoe $169 $47,215
Trailblazer $173 $20,000
Traverse $171 $28,700
Trax $179 $21,000
Volt $178 $33,220

Chevy Insurance Rates by Company

When thinking about which insurer to use for protecting your Chevy, you could be forgiven for immediately thinking about one of the big-name insurers with almost ever present commericals and catchy jingles. And, to be sure carriers like Progressive and Nationwide can ofetn offer very competitive rates. But there are are a host of other smaller carriers who often times can undercut the prices of the big guys and give better custonmer service. You should definitely shop around before you commit to a policy. Insurance rates can vary rather dramatically between insurance providers and the only way to know you getting the best rate for your Chevy is to do some comparison shopping.

Roadside Assistance for your Chevy

Chevy, like all GM brands, offers roadside assistance on new cars for the duration of the powertrain warranty on your car. It typically can help you for garden variety things like a flat tire, a lockout, or if you run out of gas. However, if your Chevy’s warranty has expired or you wish deeper protection, virtually every auto insurer offers roadside assistance. Talk to your carrier about your options.

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