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How much cost BMW car insurance?

BMW is one of the world’s foremost manufacturer of high quality automobiles. The company got its start in Germany in 2016 as a maker of airplane engines and eventually branched out into automobiles and motorcycles. The firm is headquartered in Munich, Germany and manufactures over 2 million vehicles every year. This makes BMW the twelfth-largest producer of vehicles in the world. The company sells about 2.5 million cars annually under three brands (BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce) and has production facilities in Europe, North America South Africa. It sells its cars worldwide, has annual revenue of of more than $100 billion and employs more than 100,000 people. The BMW brand is known for making reliable, well engineered cars and some of its model are in the luxury class. The company acquired the Mini brand as part of purchasing Rover in 1994 and acquired Rolls-Royce in 1998 rounding out its high-end product offerings. BMW makes a variety of coupes and sedans marketed under the name Series 1 through Series 8. It sells SUV and cross-over vehicles under its X model line. Finally, the BMW product line is rounded out with its Z series sportster. The Mini, as its name implies, is a small vehicle and Rolls-Royce sells 5 models in its current product line.

Average Insurance Cost for a BMW

The cost of car insurance generally moves in tandem with the sticker price of the car in question and BMW is no exception to that rule. Across the product line, the average annual insurance premium for a BMW is over $1,700, well above the U.S. average of approximately $1,400 per year. Note that these process are for full coverage, which includes collision and comprehensive in addition to liability coverage. Liability pays out bodily injury and property damage claims stemming from an accident that you cause. Comprehensive insurance protects your car from financial loss due to weather related incidents, theft and other causes deemed out of your control. Collision insurance helps pay the cost of repairing your own vehicle after a crash.

Model Insurance rate (monthly) Base car price
2 Series $239 $33,150
3 Series $177 $33,450
4 Series $238 $41,950
5 Series $171 $51,200
6 Series $160 $77,600
7 Series $168 $81,500
i3 $181 $46,250
i8 $163 $143,400
M2 $238 $52,500
M3 $165 $64,000
M4 $159 $66,200
M6 $162 $113,700
X1 $179 $33,750
X3 $181 $40,050
X4 $238 $45,550
X5 $178 $56,600
X6 $173 $62,500

BMW Car Insurance Rates by Companies

The make and model of your car will help determine the annual premium you pay for car insurance. Carriers perform detailed analyses of car safety characteristics and the frequency with which certain vehicles get into accidents. In addition, they will see which cars are more prone to theft. All of this gets factored into their pricing models. There are also a variety of personal factors that insurance companies take into account when offering you a quote. They will look at your driving safety record, your residence and your age. When looking to insure your Beemer, take a look at the big players in the industry, but keep in mind that smaller insurers like the Alfa and the Hartford. Some companies like USAA serve members of the armed forces exclusively and give their customers very competitive prices. At the end of the day, those who shop around will find the best deals.

BMW Roadside Assistance

BMW typically offers new car buyers a 4 year roadside assistance package at no cost. The protection is good in all 50 states and covers any driver of your vehicle

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