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How much cost BMW M3 car insurance?

BMW M3 General Information

The 2018 BMW M3 is available in a single trim level, though not every year’s version of the car has only one. The car features adaptive suspension, an aerodynamic body kit, and more. With dual zone automatic climate control and numerous other features, the BMW M3 is an impressive upgrade on the BMW 3 Series.

How much does it cost to insure my BMW M3

Many people have questions about the BMW M3. This is a higher performance version of the BMW 3 Series. Developed by the in-house motorsport division at BMW, this model of the 3 Series has been produced for every generation. With a powerful engine and sporting a large range of safety features, there is a lot to say about this luxury vehicle. Learn more by reading on.

BMW M3 Insurance Rates by Model Year

Model Year Total Premium
2018 BMW M3 $1,767
2017 BMW M3 $1,752
2016 BMW M3 $1,721
2015 BMW M3 $1,685
2013 BMW M3 $1,580
2012 BMW M3 $1,506
2011 BMW M3 $1,438
2010 BMW M3 $1,399
2009 BMW M3 $1,372
2008 BMW M3 $1,316
2006 BMW M3 $1,221
2005 BMW M3 $1,174
2004 BMW M3 $1,128
2003 BMW M3 $1,111
2002 BMW M3 $1,084
2001 BMW M3 $1,047

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure BMW M3 By Year?

When it comes to the national average for automobile insurance, the BMW M3 comes in at $60 more than the average. This can be affected by the safety features you add to the vehicle, the year of the vehicle you are insuring, and more. You can save money by comparison shopping for insurance from multiple companies on this website.

BMW M3 Safety Rating And Damage Threshold

BMW is known to take safety seriously and the BMW M3 has a number of optional safety technologies that can be added for people who would like additional protection. This vehicle does not sell enough models to have been tested by the NHTSA, though BMW has stated they have done extensive testing.

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