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How much cost BMW 5 Series car insurance?

BMW 5 Series General Information

This vehicle is an executive car that has been manufactured by BMW for a large number of years. First coming to the scene in 1972, it is currently in its seventh generation. At first, the vehicle was only available as a sedan, though now there are more body styles available.

How much does it cost to insure my BMW 5 Series

There are multiple vehicles in the BMW series, and the 5 Series is a popular choice. This vehicle is a little higher than the average when it comes to insurance, and it is a sporty ride. BMW is known as a quality auto creator. This model of vehicle has been around for numerous years, and this writing will give you the general information, insurance information, and safety ratings information you need to know.

Average Insurance Costs by State

Alabama $658
Alaska $873
Arizona $783
Arkansas $679
California $750
Colorado $739
Connecticut $986
Delaware $1066
Florida $1127
Georgia $769
Hawaii $735
Idaho $534
Illinois $731
Indiana $637
Iowa $560
Kansas $632
Kentucky $760
Louisiana $1115
Maine $583
Maryland $966
Massachusetts $977
Michigan $1051
Minnesota $722
Mississippi $748
Missouri $686
Montana $659
Nebraska $617
Nevada $906
New Hampshire $717
New Jersey $1221
New Mexico $696
New York $1153
North Carolina $613
North Dakota $577
Ohio $636
Oklahoma $737
Oregon $742
Pennsylvania $829
Rhode Island $1035
South Carolina $772
South Dakota $557
Tennessee $674
Texas $859
Utah $714
Vermont $642
Virginia $696
Washington $813
West Virginia $846
Wisconsin $602
Wyoming $619

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure BMW 5 Series By Year?

Within its category, the BMW 5 Series is pretty close to the average when it comes to insurance rates. That said, car insurance rates can vary from one year to the next. A person’s driving record, age, the year of a vehicle, and the discounts a person gets can have a large impact on the auto insurance premium rates a person pays. You can get free quotes for auto insurance here.

BMW 5 Series Safety Rating And Damage Threshold

The BMW 5 Series has received top honors when it comes to safety picks, like from the IIHS. It has also received a five-star rating from the NHTSA.

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