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How much cost Subaru car insurance?

Subaru is a Japanese car manufacturer and is a subdivision of the huge conglomerate that used to be known as Fuji Heavy Industries. It was founded in 1953 and has grown to be one of the top 25 car companies in the world. They produce around a million vehicles every year and approximately 700,000 of those units are sold in the United States. The Outback and the Forester are their two most popular models and they also make sedans SUV’s and a sports car. The company is known for using a flat-engine (or boxer engine) design. The proponents of this technology believe that it is more efficient and safe than the more traditional Inline or V-type engine. Subaru’s sales have been growing steadily and they have a loyal customer base.

Average Insurance Cost for a Subaru

Insuring your Subaru should cost about $1,400, or close to the national average for full coverage. Full coverage is defined as adding collision and comprehensive coverage to the liability insurance that is mandated in virtually every state. If you are buying a new Subaru, you should know that most experts advise carrying as much financial protection as you can comfortably afford. Collision insurance covers the cost of repairing your own vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident. Comprehensive insurance offers protections against such risks as theft, storm damage and other risks categorized as out of your control. The cost of insuring your Outback or Forester will typically be a bit less than the premiums for a Crosstek or an Impreza but, at the end of the day there are other factors that will influence your premiums more than the particular Subaru model you buy. Your driving safety record is often the single biggest factor in determining your rates. Safe drivers get better rates. Other personal factors that go into pricing your Subaru insurance are you age, place of residence, and the number of miles you usually drive on your daily commute.

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
BRZ $154 $25,495
Crosstrek $222 $21,695
Forester $141 $22,595
Impreza $228 $18,395
Legacy $152 $21,995
Outback $141 $25,645
WRX $143 $26,695

Subaru Car Insurance Rates by Companies

As we have mentioned, Subaru insurance rates track closely to the national average. But that doesn’t mean that you will get the same price from every carrier. Every insurance company has their own particular algorithms they use to determine risk probabilities and financial cost for every vehicle. The best way to get lower prices is to shop around. A low rate is out there for you just waiting for you to find it. Get quotes from at least three insurers and you will see for yourself how you can save. Our free online quote tool at can make your search quick and easy.

Subaru Roadside Assistance

Subaru typically offers new car buyers in the United States a 3 year, 36,000 roadside assistance program as part of your purchase of your vehicle. The program covers the typical roadside assistance events: flat tires, dead battery, lockout, and emergency fuel delivery. Check your agreement for full details.

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