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How much cost Mitsubishi car insurance?

Mitsubishi makes a variety of models. The Mirage, the Outlander and the Sport are three of their most popular models. The company sells about 100,000 car per year in the United States. They are one of the smaller players in the market but their customers are loyal.

Average Insurance Cost for a Mitsubishi

One of the first things to consider when you looking to insure your Mitsubishi is to determine the level of coverage you want. Almost every state has a bare miminum amount of liability coverage that they require in order to register and operate a vehicle. But many drivers want additional protections such as collision insurance, especially if it’s a new car. A Mitsubishi will cost about the same as the national average, but there are many factors that impact the annual premiums you will pay. Forst and foremost is your driving record. Motorists with a “clean sheet” will get cheaper rates than other drivers. Having good credit will also work in your favor when you’re looking for insurance. Car insuarnce providers will also take you age, gender, marital status nad place of residence into consideration when setting your rates. For all that, different insurers can and do charge very different amounts for the same coverage. That’s why we urge Mitsubishi owners to shop around for coverage. Get at least three quotes before you decide on who you want to insure your car. If you do that you will almost definitely save money. The smart shopper gets the best deals.

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
I-miev $198 $22,995
Lancer $214 $17,795
Mirage $205 $12,995
Outlander $213 $23,495
Outlander Sport $186 $19,795

Mitsubishi Insurance Rates by Company

With so many variables that go into the determination of the annual cost of your insurance, you can see why it’s almost impossible to say with certainty who the cheapest provider will be for you. The same carrier will charge different rates in virtually every region of the nation. Insurance is regulated at tha state level and not every carrier operates in all 50 states. Big companies like State Farm and Travellers can sometimes give you very competitive rates but often, smaller companies will easily beat their prices. If you are a current or retired member of the Armed Forces, you should definitely look at USAA, as they cater exclusively to that particular market segment and are known for their low rates. Other smaller companies like Erie and Farm Bureau are known for their customer service and low costs. Shop around be deciding on who should insure your Mitsubishi.

Roadside Assistance for Your Mitsubishi

Most new Mitsubishi vehicles come with a 5 year roadside assisstance plan and it doesn’t matter how many miles you have. If you’re in the five year woindow you should be covered for flat tires, lockouts, dead battery and gas deliveries. They will also tow you to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer in the event that your vehicle has broken down. Owners of the company’s i-MiEV electric vehicle should be aware that the plan ponly covers them for 3 years or 36,000. Owners of Mitsubishis that are beyond the dealer provided plan can look to the issuers of their car insurance or AAA for coverage. Most insurers would be happy to provide discounts if you bundle a roadside assistance plan with your liability insurance, and many of those plans will offer rental car replacement coverage.

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