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One Day Car Insurance

Car insurance for one day sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Most people assume that this isn’t possible. Most policies offer coverage for at least 30 days. There is also week auto insurance and only one day. It’s most common to get short term car insurance coverage for coverage terms of three to six months. However, there are some instances in which you can get coverage for just the one day that you need. You just have to shop around and look for it. Luckily you can find lots of information about temporary car insurance that can cover you here.

Car insurance by the day is most common for rental cars. This is because people who get rental cars only need coverage for the period during which they are renting the vehicle. It could also be great for those who use car sharing services and only need some extra coverage for the time that they will be using the vehicle. Short term insurance might seem like overkill on top of a rental company’s policy, but you will be happy to have it when something does go wrong.

What does short term one day car insurance cover? Well, it basically covers everything that normal car insurance covers! Most plans cover any type of damage that occurs in an accident, just like other insurance policies for autos. They will also cover damage to the car in case of something like a fire or vandalism. You will also be protected from personal liability for someone else’s property. This is great because you never know what could happen, even if you just drive a car for only one day!

Pretty much anyone who would be eligible for regular car insurance will be able to get car for single day insurance. As long as you are between the ages of 18 and 75, and your driving record is in good standing, then you will probably be listed as OK on the books of any insurance company you check out. 

The benefits of getting insurance for just one day are that you don’t have to pay a yearly or monthly premium for full time coverage that you don’t actually need. Short term coverage is perfect for a lot of different sorts of people like those who only use their car once in a while or people who tend to borrow a friends car sometimes.

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