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Benefits of an Anonymous Car Insurance Quote

When purchasing car insurance, you will notice right off the bat that most auto insurance companies will request your contact information right away. Some people just want to find out a price and don’t want to deal with giving you their car insurance. If that sounds like you, then what you want is an anonymous car insurance quote. What are the benefits of keeping your info to yourself when shopping for an insurance quote online?

1. No Marketing Materials

Some insurance companies like to get your contact information so they can send you promotional materials later on. If you would like to keep your mailbox and inbox free and clear, then there is a clear benefit to getting a quote from a company like The General, which is known for offering completely anonymous quotes.

2. Identity Theft

Identity theft is on the rise. It used to be that you just had to be worried about giving out your social security number, but now, with so many hacks that have happened, even your address or birthdate is a valuable piece of information. Keep it all to yourself with a quote that doesn’t mean giving out those personal details. 

3. No Phone Calls

The most annoying thing is when your phone rings and it’s an unknown number. You pick it up, and it’s just someone trying to sell you something that you don’t even want anymore. It’s even more annoying when the call comes to your cell phone, not your home phone. Well, if you get an anonymous sales quote for car insurance, you will not have to deal with that because you will not have given your phone number to anyone trying to sell auto coverage.

Even though these are some great benefits, it’s important to note that withholding your personal details may affect the accuracy for your online car insurance quote. That’s because details like your age, your neighborhood, and your credit score will affect your overall rate. So, an anonymous inquiry can give you a ballpark figure, but it may not be completely accurate, so don’t be surprised if it’s a bit different when you decide to purchase insurance.

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