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How much cost Mazda car insurance?

Mazda is a popular Japanese manufacturer of quality automobiles, perhaps best known for their Miata sports car. But the company has more models than thethat zippy litlle two seater. The CX series and the Tribute have a lot of appeal, too. The company sells about 300,000 vehiclaes per year in the United States and almost 2 milliojn units worldwide. They are known for their innovative products and engineering and are famous for their “zoom-zoom” commercial slogan.

Average Insurance Cost for a Mazda

Mazdas will cost a bit more to insure than other similar types of vehicles. Full coverage may cost between $1,500 and $1,600 per year which is a few hundred more than the median. Premiums for the mandated minimum in your state will probably lower your cost. But prices vary greatly between carriers, and rates are substantially determined by your own personal profile. If you have a clean driving record – in other words, no accidents – you will get preferred rates on your Mazda from just about every insurer. If you are an experienced driver you can expect to pay lower poremiums than a newly minted, teenaged motorist. Your place of residence and your credit scores will also be taken into account by insurers. So, when looking to insure your Mazda, it’s best to shop around.

Choose your Mazda model

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
3 $166 $17,845
6 $221 $21,945
CX-3 $165 $19,960
CX-5 $228 $24,045
MX-5 MIATA $152 $24,915

Mazda Insurance Rates by Company

Given that car insurance rates have so many variables that determine your annual premium, it’s hard to say which particular auto insurer will give you the best deal on your Mazda. Companies like Allstate, Progressive, and the rest of the big players can often leverage their size to give consumers good deals. But each company has it’s own way to calculate risk and premiums so be prepared to see significant differences in prices. Shop around, get multiple quotes and make insureres compete for your business. And do not rule out smaller companies for your insurance needs, by any means. Regional carriers like Erie and Farmers bureau under cut the big players a lot more often that you might think. Once again, our best advice is to shop around before you decide.

Roadside Assistance for Your Mazda

Buyers of new Mazda vehicles get free roadside assistance for the length of the original powertrain warranty which is three years or 36,000 miles. The plan covers owners for the usual roadside assistance necessities, namely lockout, flat tire assistance, dead battery, gas delivery, and towing to the nearest Mazda dealerdship in the event of a breakdown. Mazda owners may alsio want to consult their auto insuarnce provider if they seek to expand their roadside assistance coverage. Virtually every insurance carrier would be happy to bundle a discounted assistance plan on top of your liability coverage.

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