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How much cost LandRover car insurance?

The Land Rover is an iconic four-wheel drive vehicle designed by the Rover company in Great Britain just after the end of World War 2. The brand is currently owned by the Jaguar Land Rover company which is part of India-based Tata Group. The company produces 3 main makes of Rover: the Defender, the Discovery, and the Range Rover. There are different models of each to choose from. Rovers started out as back country or farm vehicles but are now considered luxury or premium with a low price tag of around $40k and going up to almost $90k. The company has recently introduced a powerful plug-in hybrid model with almost 400 horesepower.

Average Insurance Cost for a Land Rover Vehicle

Car insurance prices frequently rise in tandem with the sticker price of the vehicle in question. This is definitely the case with Land Rover vehicles. The average cost of insuring a Rover in the United States is roughly $2,400. Full coverage for standard cars is typically in the range of $1,300 to $1,400 annually. However, there are many things variables that go into the pricing of a car insurance policy. Rural drivers will usually pay less to insure a vehicle than a city dwelling car owner. Less roadway congestion means fewer accidents, so insurance companies price that fact into their policies. Land Rover owners with a clean driving record will get lower prices from insurers compared to those whose safety record may be less than perfect.

Young drivers statistically get into more accidents than other age groups and, as a result, pay higher premiums. Land Rovers tend to be expensive to repair so that is another factor in the higher than average insurance cost for the vehicle. If you are buying a new Rover, you should seriously consider getting collision and comprehensive insurance to go along with the standard liability policy. A luxury brand like Rover gives you quality and comfort at a price and full insurance helps protect that investment.

Model Insurance rate (monthly) Base car price
Discovery $224 $49,990
Discovery Sport $163 $37,695
Range Rover $157 $85,650
Range Rover Evoque $220 $41,800
Range Rover Sport $226 $65,650
Range Rover Velar $186 $49,900

Land Rover Car Insurance Rates by Companies

Some name brands like Progressive can you a relatively competitive price for insuring your vehicle with them. But you might be smart to look at some smaller carriers, too. The Texas Farm Bureau and Mercury are two examples of smaller regional carriers than can often time undercut the larger insurance brand names. Our best advice in looking for auto insurance is to shop around. There are many carriers willing to offer car insurance but you’ll need to do comparison shopping to get the lowest price.

Land Rover Roadside Assistance

Land Rover typically offers new car buyers in the United States a 3 year roadside assistance program as part of your purchase of your vehicle. The program covers the typical roadside assistance events: flat tires, dead battery, lockout, and emergency fuel delivery. Check your agreement for full details. Within limits, Rover will also pay for your lodging if your car breaks down far from home.

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