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How much cost Ford car insurance?

The Ford Motor Company is one of the most legendary auto manufacturers in the world. They were founded by Henry Ford early in the 20th century and he introduced modern assembly line manufacturing techniques to the industry. The firm was a private company until it went public in 1956. The Ford family remains the largest shareholders of the firm. Ford is based out of Dearborn, Michigan and remains a force in car sales. It is the second largest American auto manufacturer and is ranked number five in world wide production of vehicles. The company sells cars and trucks under two main brands: Fords and Lincolns. Lincoln id the company’s luxury brand. In recent years, the company has reported annual revenue of over $150 billion and produces over 5 million vehicles annually. It has approximately 90 facilities scattered across the globe, employing over 200,000 people. Ford announced a few years a long range plan to concentrate of manufacturing only SUVs and truck, as well as its legendary muscle car, the Mustang. All other models will eventually be phased out.

Average Insurance Cost for a Ford

When you seek car insurance, your ultimate price will be determined by a whole lot of factors. Safe drivers almost always get the lowest prices, buy there are other things that insurers look at also before they will give you a quote for an annual premium. Urban dwellers will pay more for car insurance on average than suburban or rural drivers, and young drivers will almost always pay more than seasoned drivers. The make and model of your car will also be factored in to your premium. Insurance carriers look at the overall safety record of individual models and also at how popular they are with car thieves. Safe cars will cost a bit less to insure and those that are frequent targets of theft will add to your cost.

Across their product lines, Ford vehicles should cost about $1,100 per year to insure for full coverage. But, as is the case with virtually all makes of cars, the higher your purchase price, the higher your insurance will probably be. Smaller models like the Ford Escape will be less than the average and the Mustang usually commands a higher price. The Ford Focus also tends to be a bit higher to Insure than other Ford models.

Ford model (2019) Average insurance cost (30-year-old male)
Ranger $2,563
Edge $2,589
Escape $2,601
Transit Connect $2,621
EcoSport $2,663
F-150 $2,673
Flex $2,747
Explorer $2,823
C-Max $2,825
Fiesta $2,836
F-250 $2,969
Fusion $2,976
Taurus $3,021
F-350 $3,031
Expedition $3,044
Focus $3,174

Ford Car Insurance Rates by Companies

You should always shop around when you are looking to buy car insurance. Every insurance carrier has their own algorithm or way of calculating automobile risk and they will weigh individual factors differently. Comparing quotes from a variety of vendors will help ensure that you don’t pay more than you have to for coverage. You might also want to look beyond the biggest, most popular brand names. While outfits like Progressive, and State Farm will usually give you competitive prices, smaller insurers like Erie and Plymouth Rock can sometimes under cut the big boys. It pays to get quotes from at least three companies and compare rates.

Ford Roadside Assistance

Ford offers free roadside assistance to new vehicle owners for 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. Consult your manual for details, but they would typically cover you for lock outs, flat tires, dead batteries and others.

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