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How much cost Ford Flex car insurance?

Ford Flex General Information

The Ford Flex was well-received and listed as the third most affordable mid or full-sized SUV by US News. While the sales of the original were less than expected, the cars are still popular. Offering plenty of cargo space and a comfortable ride, the vehicle also has personality and style.

How much does it cost to insure my Ford Flex

The Ford Flex was introduced in 2005 as a concept vehicle. It shifted body configurations to a five-door wagon for better production. This update meets consumer demand better. The vehicle was styled by a Volvo designer and was differentiated by its streamlined exterior, which added horizontal grooves into the doors. This gave it a sort of throwback to the previous era while also not getting too obvious about it.

Ford Flex Insurance Rates by Model Year

Model Year Total Premium
2019 Ford Flex $1,465
2018 Ford Flex $1,454
2017 Ford Flex $1,447
2016 Ford Flex $1,431
2015 Ford Flex $1,402
2014 Ford Flex $1,368
2013 Ford Flex $1,331
2012 Ford Flex $1,276
2011 Ford Flex $1,229
2010 Ford Flex $1,211
2009 Ford Flex $1,183

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure Ford Flex By Year?

Compared to vehicles in the same class, the Ford Flex is lower when it comes to insurance costs compared to the national average. The make, year, and model of the vehicle you are purchasing has an impact on the insurance rates. Also, other variables also affect what you will pay on car insurance premiums, including your driving record. Compare car insurance premiums here using the free tools to find the best prices for auto insurance available.

Ford Flex Safety Rating And Damage Threshold

Safety is another consideration that people have when purchasing a vehicle, and the Ford Flex has a focus in its engineering to make it a safe ride. It has a heavy weight on its suspension and can also carry a good-sized weight. With the IIHS giving the vehicle a “Good” in four categories and an “Acceptable” rating in one, it is a solid choice for safety. Other safety features include a driver’s side airbag, a rear head airbag, a passenger airbag, four-wheel ABS, and more.

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