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How much cost Audi car insurance?

Audi is a German manufacturer of luxury automobiles and they are owned by the Volkswagen Group. They consistently are among the top 5 selling luxury car brands with almost 2 million vehicles produced annually in recent years. The brand’s distinctive four ring logo harkens back to its early days when four manufacturers combined to form a new company, the Auto Union, which was eventually acquired by Volkswagen. Audi cars typically have very high safety ratings and the A5 model in particular has gathered rave reviews. No Audi cars are currently manufactured in the United States, although there is an assembly plant in Mexico. Most Audis in the U.S. market are built in Germany. Lovers of a luxury ride will treasure the smooth comfortable ride and modern electronics that Audi prides itself on.

Average Insurance Cost for an Audi Vehicle

Most states have minimum insurance requirements that mandate vehicle owners carry liability insurance, but most experts would recommend carrying as much insurance as you can comfortably afford. It is more than likely that if you purchase a new Audi you will want collision insurance and comprehensive insurance to protect your investment. Liability insurance covers other parties for personal injury or property damage suffered in an accident that is your fault. Collision insurance will help pay for your own car repair bills no matter who was at fault and comprehensive will cover you for things like storm related damage and theft.

The average full car insurance cost in the United States are around $1,400 annually. Audi owners can expect to pay a bit more than that, consistent with the price to insure other similar luxury vehicles. Insurance prices tend to rise along with the MSRP of your vehicle and the same holds true for Audi. You can expect to pay a bit more to insure an Audi S8 than, say, an S3. But make and model aren’t the only variables in determining your insurance premiums. Your driving record, your age, your place of location and other pieces of your personal profile will also influence your insurance cost.

Model Monthly insurance rate Base car price
A3 $191 $31,200
A4 $192 $34,900
A4 All Road $132 $44,000
A5 $125 $41,200
A6 $134 $47,600
A7 $124 $68,800
A8 $191 $82,500
Q3 $189 $31,800
Q5 $138 $40,900
Q7 $197 $49,000
R8 $196 $162,900
RS7 $191 $110,700
S3 $134 $42,900
S5 $98 $53,100
S6 $132 $70,900
S7 $193 $79,900
S8 $191 $115,900
SQ5 $132 $53,300
TT $127 $43,500
TTS $124 $52,500

Audi Car Insurance Rates by Companies

You’d be hard pressed to find a car insurance company that wouldn’t be happy to insure your new Audi. But, as we’ve mentioned, rates are determined by a complicated mixture of make, model and personal factors. It’s hard to say with any certainty which insurer can give you the best deal. That’s why we always recommend that vehicle owners get no cost, no obligation quotes from three or more insurance carriers before making a decision. If you do some simple comparison shopping you will inevitable save money.

Audi Roadside Assistance

Audi typically offers new car buyers in the United States a 4 year roadside assistance program at no additional cost. The program covers the typical roadside assistance events: flat tires, dead battery, lockout, and emergency fuel delivery. In the event that for some reason Audi can not respond to your request for assistance, they will reimburse you for out of pocket expenses. Check your agreement for full details.

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