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How Can I Get Car Insurance With No License?

There are many reasons you might not have a driver’s license. However, you still need to drive. Driving is the main way people get around in the US, and you may want to do that with our without a license. It’s not recommended to try this tactic, but if you find yourself in a bind, you will still want to try to get yourself covered by some car insurance. This will put you at less risk for financial liability in the case that something does happen on the road.

It’s actually very easy to buy a car without a license. There’s no law saying that you can’t do it. However, you will need insurance to drive that car off the lot. How can you get auto insurance without a driver’s license? Is it even possible to do that?

It all starts with who you pick as the primary driver of your car. It shouldn’t be you if you don’t have a license, because your car insurance application will just get flat out denied. You will need to pick someone very close to you, and hopefully it is someone who will be using the car a lot. The best person would be someone who lives with you, and hopefully someone who may be a co-owner on the title of the car. That will make it the easiest to get the car covered and road ready. Of course you can also be covered under the policy as a non-driving policyholder, but you can’t be the primary.

The basic gist of the story is, you really shouldn’t drive without a license. It’s too hard to get insurance under your own name and it will just cause difficulties. The penalties for driving without a license may put you in jail or cause you lots of fines that would be a lot more expensive to pay for than getting an actual license. Some states, like California, even offer driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants so that they can be safe and responsible while driving on the road, so if you live in one of those places, there’s really no reason to be driving without a license unless it’s been revoked or suspended.

Similarly, you won’t want to lend your car to anyone who does not have a valid driver’s license. Your insurance may not cover them if anything happens, and even worse, you could get into trouble by having your car impounded, depending on the state, if an unlicensed driver is caught behind the wheel of your car.

If your license is suspended, do everything you can to get it back in a timely manner because any lapse in insurance will cost you. When you resume your coverage you will probably be considered a high risk driver, so your rates will go up. 

So, the real answer is that it’s very hard to have car insurance if you don’t have a license. The best thing to do is to get one as soon as you can. It’s best to have an insured family member or friend drive you around until you’re able to get one, and provide yourself with the insurance that you will need to get around to work, school and around town.

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