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Getting Car Insurance Without A License, What You Need To Know

Getting Car Insurance Without A License

It may not be the first thing that people think of, but there are times when buying car insurance without a license makes sense. When looking to purchase a policy online, most automobile insurance providers ask for a valid license first. You may need to speak with a car insurance agent, like the ones at American Insurance, in order to get the insurance coverage that you need.

One example of needing car insurance is to prevent gaps in insurance from raising your rates later on. If your driver's license is suspended, you may also need or want insurance coverage until the suspension is over. There are many questions that people need to have answered, and this is the place to get them.

Yes, it is legal to buy automobile insurance without a driver’s license. This can be difficult to do, but with a little research and time, a policy can likely be found.

While it is not against the law to buy a car without a driver’s license, every state has laws against people driving without a driver’s license or permit. Driving without a driver’s license or permit can result in fines or other penalties. To purchase a vehicle and register it, you will need photo identification and automobile insurance. It is not easy to get automobile insurance without a driver’s license. You may need to call a number of different agencies, and without proper communication, most companies will not speak to you very long about it.

In order to get automobile insurance without having a license, you may need to list a primary driver on the vehicle who does have a license. This driver will ideally be a blood relative or spouse. Having someone you trust listed as the primary driver is vital. The idea is that car insurance providers generally believe that people will not get insurance on their vehicle if no one at all is going to be driving it. This is the reason that car insurance providers will tell drivers that it is not possible to get automobile coverage without a driver’s license. The standard procedure for selling insurance is to verify a driver’s license.

It is also important not to lie, even a little bit when speaking to an insurance agent about purchasing a policy. Withholding information is also a bad idea. Essentially, by misrepresenting yourself and your intentions, you may be putting yourself in a position to have a claim denied in the future if you need to make one. Without getting the benefits of an insurance policy, it likely does not make sense to pay for that policy. If you are honest with the provider and they are unable to help you, ask the insurance agent for suggestions on how to proceed.

As an unlicensed driver, you will need to be listed as an excluded driver on the policy. If your spouse or loved one is not approved as the primary driver on a vehicle, you may need to look into insurance providers that write high-risk policies. It is possible to have a primary driver that lives with you, being named insured on a policy, and be excluded as a driver on the plan at the same time. In this case, the primary driver will be listed as a driver on the policy. In order to set this up, you will need to call insurance agents, like the ones at American Insurance, to find a company that offers this.

Even if a vehicle is not titled to someone, they may be able to get insurance under the automobile policy that they currently have. While most insurance providers require the cars they insure to be named on the title of the vehicle, there are some that do not. It is essential to explain to the insurance agent you are getting a policy from if the primary driver on the plan is not the person the vehicle is titled to.

You may need to look into alternative insurance carriers to get coverage. Alternative insurance carriers may allow for a person that is named insured to purchase a policy for a vehicle that is not owned. In this case, you are still needing to seek out an insurance provider that will let a primary driver get insurance on the car.

Last Resort Option for Getting Car Insurance Without a License

An option that is considered a last resort involves adding another person to the title of the vehicle you are looking to get insured. Who you are considering as your primary driver can co-title the car with you, which can help alleviate issues that insurance companies have. By having a titled driver purchase insurance coverage, you can get around the restrictions that automobile insurance companies have regarding not having a license and having your vehicle insured. This is considered a last resort because there is some risk involved. People looking into this must choose their primary driver very carefully, as personal conflicts could arise from the situation, and ownership of the vehicle is listed on the title as being both of you.

How to Buy a Car Without a Driver's License

Simply put, in the United States a driver's license is not required to purchase a vehicle. The driver's license that is issued in the United States is only needed to drive a vehicle. In most cases, it is expected for people to have a driver’s license to buy a car, as they will need it to test drive the vehicle. Even though it is not usual for people to purchase vehicles without a driver’s license, it is not illegal to do so.

For people looking to purchase a car without a driver’s license, they will want to make sure about the car drives well and is in good condition similar to if they had a license. Having another person to test drive the vehicle can be a tremendous help. Also, unlicensed drivers will not be able to drive the car off of the lot, or at any other time, legally. The outside these things, anyone that has the money, or the financing, can purchase a vehicle.

Why Purchase A Vehicle Without A License?

This is a fantastic question. Purchasing a car that the person buying cannot drive does not happen exceptionally often. There are a few situations in which a person may need or want to do this, however.

One example is if the person purchasing the vehicle needs a caregiver. This can come up in situations where a disabled person needs transportation, and they have the caregiver to provide it. If they want full ownership of the vehicle, they can purchase the car and then insure the vehicle with the caregiver as the primary driver.

Another example involves people who have businesses. If a person does not have a license but owns a business that needs a vehicle for employees that are licensed to utilize, the business owner may choose to buy cars without a license.

It is also possible for people to purchase a vehicle as a gift for another person.

If a person has a child or dependent who cannot finance a vehicle but are licensed, they may choose to get the financing for the car themselves. To do this, they need to be the person titled to the vehicle.

In some cases, a person may own a vintage or collectible automobile that they do not intend to drive. Vehicles like this should still be insured.

Lastly, people who have chauffeurs or drivers may look to purchase a vehicle while not having a license.

While these are the most common or recognizable reasons to purchase a car while not having a driver's license, there are likely others. Either way, buying a vehicle without a driver’s license is entirely legal.

Final Notes

While you will likely need to be able to show a form of government identification in order to purchase a vehicle or get financing without a driver’s license, it is legal to do. You will also need to show government identification if you transfer your title or register the vehicle. Checking with the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state will help you confirm which documentation you need. It is also important to note that you may need different insurance coverage than most people who drive their own vehicles. This means you will need to explore a few different options for insurance companies. Make sure to call American Insurance for all of your car coverage needs.

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Just as you wrote, I wanted to buy a car for my son as a gift, but he did not have driver licence yet. So I could not list him as a primary driver. The problem was easy to solve, but it added some difficulties
Can anyone advice me insurance company, that issues policies without driver's licence? My was temporary suspended just before coverage extension. I don’t have a spouse and I don’t feel like looking for people who can be listed as primary driver in my insurance policy.

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