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Can I Get Car Insurance With a Suspended License?

Driver's licenses get suspended for many reasons, and not all of them are bad driving. Your license can even get suspended if you have too many unpaid tickets or are caught driving an uninsured vehicle. It’s a major inconvenience to have a suspended license because you won’t be able to drive to all the places you need to go. You can’t get to work without taking the bus, you can’t easily get groceries while riding a bike, and of course, you will have a hard time getting car insurance since you’re not even supposed to be driving.

Don’t try to hide the truth from insurance agents if you are trying to buy insurance without a license. Most auto insurance agents will need to verify your license before selling insurance, depending on the state you are in. Just make sure your car is covered as you need it, and get your license back in working order ASAP.

If you can’t even drive, why would you want to have car insurance? Well, there are actually a few reasons.

1. Car Insurance Lapses Can Lead to Higher Rates

If you let your car insurance lapse when your license gets suspended then you might find yourself with even higher prices when you finally get it back and reinstate your insurance. You can already expect your rate to go up, as a license suspension does mark you as a higher risk to car insurance companies, so you want to do everything in your power to make sure it stays as low as possible. That means having no lapses on your record.

2. If You Have a Hardship or Restricted Licence

A hardship or restricted license is a type of driver’s license that is still a bit of punishment but doesn’t make it impossible to live your life. You will be able to drive to work, to school if applicable, and to medical appointments. You may also be able to take a family member to their medical appointments if they can’t do it themselves. Since you will be driving your car in this instance, you will definitely need auto insurance coverage. You don’t want to be driving around uncovered because you never know what could happen.

3. To Insure Driving Family Members

Even if your license is suspended, your other household members hopefully still have their driving abilities. You can get insurance for them so that if they have to drive you anywhere, everyone will still be covered. As you will now be a high-risk driver, it would be better to have another family member simply purchase the insurance in their name, as a potential money-saving measure. You can even be listed as a person on the policy, as long as someone else is the primary driver. You would most likely have to be listed as a non-driving policyholder if your license is suspended, but it’s better than nothing.

4. Comprehensive Coverage for Storage

Say you put your car in the garage while your license is suspended, but then a tree falls on the garage and wrecks the car. You would surely wish you had car insurance then. You can purchase non-operational auto insurance to cover the car even if you don’t plan on driving it, and it’s a really good idea. It will likely be cheaper than coverage for a car you would be driving as a high-risk driver. Some homeowner’s insurance may cover your car if it’s in the garage, but this would not be applicable for renters or anyone who doesn’t have that type of coverage on their homeowner’s insurance plans.

Getting Your License Back

Getting your license back depends on your state. Some states give you no recourse, you just have to wait until the period of suspension is over. Other states may allow you to take a defensive driving course in order to lessen the period of time. The one thing that will be true for everyone is that you will need to get car insurance as soon as you get your license back. Your rates will be higher due to the suspension, but some car insurance companies will give you a discount for maintaining a good driving record for a certain period of time, so relief may be in sight. You can redeem a mistake that got you suspended in the first place by making sure to be a good driver from here on out!

Getting Auto Insurance With A Suspended License

You may be able to get automobile insurance with a suspended license, but knowing the appropriate steps to take is vital. Keep in mind that buying a car insurance policy with a suspended license will be expensive. Not only that, but you will need to meet certain conditions in order to purchase a policy.

Having a suspended license means that you will likely have to purchase a policy from an insurance provider that accepts high-risk drivers. Many companies do not accept these types of drivers, so some research may need to be done to find the best rates. The tools here at American Insurance are perfect for finding the best car insurance plans for high-risk drivers.

Step 1

Verify that your driver’s license suspension is a short one. If your suspension is for 30 days, as opposed to an entire year, it will be much easier to find a car insurance plan. Once driving privileges have been restored, you will need to show proof of your reinstatement to the insurance company. For people who have longer suspensions in place, they may need to purchase a policy where another person is listed as the primary driver. You would not be listed on a policy until you get your driver’s license back. There are benefits to doing this, even though you are not driving. One reason is to prevent a lapse in automobile insurance coverage and higher rates later on.

Step 2

The next step is to research car insurance companies that accept high-risk drivers. American Insurance has the best tools for researching car insurance available. Get free quotes from multiple companies if possible, and compare policies. Once you have found a suitable policy that meets your needs, it is time to purchase your plan.

Step 3

The final step is to purchase your policy and make the required payments. Once your policy has been purchased and is valid, you can get your proof of insurance card. Keep in mind that even though you have insurance, it is not legal for you to drive with a suspended license. Hefty penalties and fines are put in place for drivers who are driving illegally in this manner. Once your driver’s license has been reinstated, contact your auto insurance provider and inform them. You may be able to get a less expensive car insurance plan once your policy is valid again.


American Insurance is a fantastic place to get the best car insurance information, including having your questions answered. These are frequently asked questions about revoked and suspended driver’s licenses that are sent into the site is most often, as well as the answers.

How Does A Suspended License Affect Insurance?

If a person’s driver’s license has been suspended, it means that their license is temporarily not usable. It is not legal to drive with a suspended license, but it can be a good plan to maintain your car insurance policy while your driver’s license is suspended. Lapses in coverage can increase the rate you pay when you get a car insurance plan again.

If you are uninsured and are trying to get an insurance policy as a driver with a suspended license, keep in mind that you will likely need to contact high-risk insurance companies in order to get a plan. This can mean paying higher rates for automobile insurance. Sometimes, maintaining your current automobile insurance plan will prevent a lapse and result in lower rates overall.

Will Insurance Cover A Suspended License Driver?

Not all insurance companies cover a driver with a suspended license, but some do. Look for companies that specialize in providing insurance plans of this type at American Insurance.

Why You Should Maintain Car Insurance While Your License Is Suspended

Avoiding a lapse in coverage can have major benefits when it comes to automobile insurance. By maintaining your car insurance plan while your driver’s license is suspended, you can end up paying as much as 25%, less on coverage on your next policy, sometimes more. If your driver’s license is suspended, it is recommended not to cancel your auto insurance coverage.

Also, some companies will let you decrease the amount of coverage you have on the policy, which can be a great way to save money while you are not driving.

Can You Rent A Car With A Suspended License?

Most automobile insurance companies reserve the right to check your driving record with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles when you go to rent a vehicle. If a rental company finds that your driver’s license is suspended or revoked, they will not rent you a vehicle. Overall, it is not recommended to try and rent a vehicle with a revoked or suspended license. As rental companies do not allow suspended drivers to rent vehicles on their terms, you could be held fully liable for damages or accidents, which can be quite expensive.

Buying A Car With A Suspended License

People can purchase vehicles with a suspended license, though it is still illegal to drive that vehicle anywhere. In addition, in order to register your new car, you will need to have not only a valid driver’s license but also a valid insurance policy. Financing a vehicle involves even more requirements than purchasing a car flat out. It can be extremely difficult to purchase a car with a suspended license if you are also in need of financing. Financing companies most often require a person to have a valid driver’s license to get a loan.

Registering A Car With A Suspended License

You will need to have qualifying identifying documents to register a vehicle. In most states having a valid driver’s license is not required to register a vehicle, but you will need to have a valid insurance policy. Getting a new insurance policy on a vehicle while you have a suspended license can be expensive. Look at car insurance companies that provide policies to high-risk drivers using the tools at American Insurance. Once you have an insurance policy, you will be able to register your vehicle in most states. Contacting your state's DMV before purchasing an insurance policy to determine if you can register a vehicle with a suspended license is recommended.

How Long Does A Suspended License Stay On Your Record?

Each state has different laws regarding driver’s license suspension. Check with your state's DMV for the most up-to-date information. Some states have driver’s license suspensions on a person’s record for up to four years or more from the end date of the suspension.

Can My License Be Suspended for Not Having Insurance?

Authorities do not take driving without insurance lightly. If you are caught driving without insurance, you will be penalized. Some states issue tickets and other fines, and for people with one or more offenses, a driver’s license suspension can be given. These suspensions can be for up to one year or more and sometimes come with mandatory community service as well. With suspensions as little as one month, some states have higher penalties than others. Some states leave the suspension open-ended and have requirements that need to be met for reinstatement to happen.

Difference Between A Suspended And A Revoked License

Driver’s license suspension is temporary. In most cases, after a certain amount of time has gone by, a person with a suspended driver’s license will be able to reinstate their license. Some suspensions are for indefinite periods, which generally have specific requirements that need to be met for reinstatement to occur.

A revoked driver’s license is a license that has been canceled in full. This means that the driver’s license cannot be reinstated. Approval from your state's DMV will be needed in order to get a license again. You will also need to pay any penalties that you owe and go through the licensing process in your state.

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My driver licence got suspended for a while, but i have no regrets. We trade places with wife. She became my personal driver. No more problems with sleepy or drunk driving. Never thought how luxury it is

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