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Travel Health Insurance

Why do you need Travel Health Insurance? You’re already covered by your insurance plan at home, right? While, the thing is, most domestic US health insurance plans do not cover something that happens while you are abroad, so if you are planning to go to a different country, you will need to get travel health insurance. Most of the time this is a product that is pretty affordable, due in part to low health costs internationally. Here are some unique features of this product that you want to take note of when you are considering a travel coverage plan. Travling is a lot of fun and getting health insurance for voyages will make it even more carefree. You don’t have to worry about what might happen. You can just have a good time knowing that you will be covered in case of accident or illness.

Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions

If you’ve got a pre-existing condition whether it is a case of migraines or something more serious, you will want to make sure that your travel insurance offers coverage for those things. That’s because some of these plans will not cover you if you have already had a condition. However, some of them have plenty of coverage for these situations, so it’s just about knowing what you need.

Student Travel Health Insurance

Students have unique needs. They may be studying abroad for just a few months, or for a whole year. Student travel health insurance is geared towards the kind of person who is studying in a different country than their own. It’s also great for foreign exchange students or educators who are going on sabbatical to travel and learn.

Foreigners Insurance in the US

While most foreigners are shocked at the cost of healthcare in the US, they can protect themselves while they are visiting. This is through visitor’s insurance which is health insurance for any foreigner who is coming to the US to work or play. It’s usually only available for non-US citizens and is designed to be compliant with certain US visa requirements.

Insurance for Missionaries and Non-Profits

Missionaries and anyone doing outreach work in a foreign country has specific needs beyond normal travel insurance. They may be traveling to very dangerous areas or simply areas that haven’t caught up with modern health technology. Therefore it’s a bit more dangerous. Anyone who is doing good work in the world deserves to be covered in case anything happens, so look into insurance specifically for this type of job.

Senior Travel Health Insurance

The older you get, the more your bones creak and crack. The more health problems you may have. If you are traveling and you are retired or older in age, you may also be on a fixed income. So you need special health insurance plans that will be robust for your coverage. The coverage offered on these types of plans focuses on covering any gaps left by your domestic plan, so you don’t have to worry about getting healthcare abroad.

Multi Trip Insurance

If you travel a lot, then getting multi trip insurance is a great idea. You can get separate coverage for each trip you go on for an annual fee instead of paying separately for each and every trip. With this type of plan you don’t have to wonder if your coverage is correct for your trip, because you will already have it!

Boating Health Insurance

The high seas are a fun hobby. Did you know there are special travel health insurance plans for marine captains and their crews? Anything can happen at sea from a bump on the head to a trip overboard, so you want to make sure that health coverage for everyone involved is the regular thing for your crew. In addition, boat crews often travel internationally and domestically so they need plans that can work for both, as they come and go.

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