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Independent Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that most people can get through their employers. They are given certain options and most of the time the employer helps to defray the costs of a health insurance plan either by gaining discounts because they are an organization or literally helping to contribute funds towards the cost. However, some people who are independent contractors or small business owners will need to get their own independent health insurance.  These plans are usually available on the new statewide or national health insurance exchanges and these are the plans that are eligible for assistance with subsidies that are available, but may not be available forever.

These types of plans are often referred to as “Individual and family plans” and they are offered by pretty much every single health insurance company. You shouldn’t be surprised that independent health insurance is a bit more pricey than the plans you’ve gotten through work. That’s because when you have to pay it all on your own and you don’t have the support of your employer. There are definitely benefits to being an independent contractor but cheaper health insurance is not one of them. Some independent contractors look at the sticker price of an independent health insurance plan and decide to stay away but that is a poor idea.

First of all, you will have to end up paying the small fee required for those who don’t have insurance. It is a penalty that is cheaper than getting health insurance, yes, and that is a tiny price to pay compared to what will happen if you get injured or sick while you are uninsured. Walking around with out any insurance or even lying in your bed is pretty dangerous. Even the most basic strep throat or twisted ankle can run you a few thousand dollars, and more serious injuries and illnesses can put you in debt for the rest of your life. Now, doesn’t having independent health insurance make a whole lot more sense?

If you’re worried about how expensive it is, you can always choose one of the bronze plans which has a higher deductible to help you save some dough. If you’re under 30 years old you can save even more by getting a catastrophic plan that has a super high deductible and only covers the most basic of preventative procedures. Overall getting health insurance whether you’ve got a traditional employer or you are self employed will make you feel secure and happy. You’ll be able to just live your life without worrying about putting your family in bankruptcy just because you got sick or tripped and fell. 

The health insurance marketplace is ever changing. There are new changes happening all the time because of the political situation. American health insurance customers should keep checking back to make sure they have the most recent information about getting independent health insurance.

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