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How much cost Volkswagen car insurance?

The Volkswagen Group, as the company is formally known, is the largest car manufacturer in the world. In recent years it has sold almost 11 million vehicles annually. In addition to having the largest market share in Europe, Volkswagen has a substantial sales presence in Asia. It has been reported that up to 40% of its sales come from China. The company has been best known for the iconic Beetle, but it has a very wide product portfolio. Volkswagen currently has around 20 models in production around the world and annual revenue has been approaching $300 billion in recent years. The company has concentrated mostly on making, good, reliable sedans, SUVs and smaller city cars. In addition, Volkswagen has also committed itself to developing both plug-in and electric cars.

Average Insurance Cost for a Volkswagen

Volkswagen makes safe, reliable cars at a variety of price points. The company’s offerings go from the Jetta at the low end (under $20k) and the Toureg at the high end (almost $50k). Insuring a Volkswagen will usually cost about the national average across its product line. Car insurance prices usually move in tandem with the sticker price so, the more it costs you to buy, the more it will take to insure. Keep in mind that many experts recommend taking out more than just basic liability insurance when you buy a new car. Fully insuring your new investment means considering buying collision insurance to help repair your own car after an accident and comprehensive insurance which will protect you from risks such as storm damage and theft.

Model Insurance rate (monthly) Base car price
Beetle $221 $19,995
CC $223 $34,475
Golf $159 $19,895
Golf Alltrack $220 $25,850
Golf R $145 $35,655
Golf Sportwagen $226 $21,580
GTI $155 $24,995
Jetta $159 $17,895
Passat $220 $22,440
Tiguan $153 $24,995
Touareg $221 $49,495

Volkswagen Car Insurance Rates by Companies

Your insurance premium doesn’t just depend on the make and model of your car. Insurance companies very carefully study all components of automotive risk. For example, more accidents tend to occur in more densely crowded urban areas than in rural areas so you will generally pay more to insure a car if you live in a city. Young drivers tend to statistically get in more accidents than older drivers, so insurance companies charge more for motorists in their teens and twenties. If you have no recent record or serious moving violations or car crashes, you will most likely get preferred rates from any carrier. With all of those variables you can understand how hard it is to specifically identify which carrier would be the cheapest for insuring your Volkswagen. The best way to get low prices is to shop around. Take the time to get free quotes for you Volkswagen insurance from a variety of providers. At Americaninsurance.com, our online tool makes it easy to get multiple quotes right from your own desktop. Compare and save.

Volkswagen Roadside Assistance

Volkswagen typically offers new car buyers a 3 year, 36,000 mile roadside assistance program at no additional cost. The program covers the typical roadside assistance events: flat tires, dead battery, lockout, and emergency fuel delivery.

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