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How much cost Jeep Compass car insurance?

Jeep Compass General Information

Finding an affordable sport vehicle is fantastic, and coming in at a good price point, the Jeep Compass fits this description. It also has some great technology included in it, including a great infotainment system. This vehicle is a crossover that is designed to go off-road, and many of these do not have a build for smooth highway driving. The Compass does, while also working well in wind and rain. The engine is a little bit underpowered for some, and it has a high cargo floor, though many people prefer the Jeep Compass as their vehicle of choice.

How much does it cost to insure my Jeep Compass

This is a capable vehicle that comes in two-wheel drive and four-wheel-drive variants. The Trailhawk edition has some additional ground clearance, making it possibly better for the off-road experience. With multiple levels, there are numerous options for buyers.

Jeep Compass Insurance Rates by Model Year

Model Year Total Premium
2020 Jeep Compass $1,328
2019 Jeep Compass $1,312
2018 Jeep Compass $1,304
2017 Jeep Compass $1,300
2016 Jeep Compass $1,287
2015 Jeep Compass $1,272
2014 Jeep Compass $1,239
2013 Jeep Compass $1,208
2012 Jeep Compass $1,167
2011 Jeep Compass $1,124
2010 Jeep Compass $1,106
2009 Jeep Compass $1,088
2008 Jeep Compass $1,057
2007 Jeep Compass $1,031

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure Jeep Compass By Year?

People looking for an off-road vehicle at a lower price point will find it in the Jeep Compass. The savings can extend to insurance as well, where the vehicle is on par with the national average. This is lower than average when compared to many other vehicles designed for both an off-road and on-road experience.

Jeep Compass Safety Rating And Damage Threshold

Receiving high marks in safety categories, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, also called the IIHS, gave it an award for 2017 Top Safety Pick with their highest score “Good” in each crash test. It also received a “Superior” rating for available front crash prevention technologies. Also, it received high safety ratings from the NHTSA as well.

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