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How much cost Honda car insurance?

Honda Motors was formed in the 1940’s and is now the second largest Japanese car manufacturer and the eighth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. In recent years Honda’s U.S. sales have exceeded 1.6 million vehicles and worldwide sales are well over 5 million units. In addition to manufacturing cars, Honda is a major player in the motorcycle and power equipment markets. Their annual revenue has been reported as exceeding billion and they employ over 200,000 people world wide. The company has a broad range of automobiles, with an offering in virtually every segment of the market. In addition to the extremely popular Accord and Civic sedans, Honda offers SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks, and hybrids. They are well regarded vehicles with a reputation for good engineering and reliability. They were also the first of the Japanese auto manufacturers to create a luxury brand, the Acura.

Average Insurance Cost for a Honda

If you have not had an accident or serious moving violation in the past few years you will pay less money for insuring your Honda. Or any other vehicle, for that matter. Car insurers will almost universally favor safe drivers with their best rates. But, as important as your safety record is, it isn’t the only factor in determining your annual car insurance premium. Your age, and place of residence will be taken into consideration, as will the number of miles you drive to work. The make and model of your car will also influence your rates. Some cars are more expensive to repair than others. Some models are more enticing to car thieves than other models. Car insurers carefully study all these variables when pricing their products.

Virtually every state requires vehicle owners to carry liability insurance but buyers of new cars often think it prudent to add comprehensive and collision insurance as well. This is known as full coverage. Across the United States, the average cost for full coverage is around $1,400 and the average cost of insuring a Honda will generally be less than that. Of course, the exact model and trim line of your Honda can change your price. Do your homework by getting no cost, no obligation price quotes. Shoppers who compare, will find the best deals. Look to bundle insurance for other cars or your home, if applicable and you will get better pricing on all of them.

Model Insurance rate (monthly) Base car price
Accord $151 $22,455
Civic $154 $18,740
Clarity $197 $59,365
CR-V $198 $24,045
Fit $143 $16,090
HR-V $149 $19,465
Odyssey $134 $29,850
Pilot $139 $30,745
Ridgeline $191 $29,475

Honda Car Insurance Rates by Companies

Look at a variety of insurers to find your best deal. If you are a member of the armed forces you might want to look at USAA who cater exclusively to that market segment. And don’t just look at the largest name brands. There are many customer friendly smaller carriers who can give you good deals.

Honda Roadside Assistance

Honda offers new car buyers a 3 year, 36,000 mile roadside assistance program at no additional cost. The program covers the typical roadside assistance events: flat tires, dead battery, lockout, and emergency fuel delivery.

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