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How much cost GMC car insurance?

The General Motors Company, more familiarly known as GM, in an industrial institution. It was founded in 1908 and rose to become the world’s largest automobile manufacturer. They held that position for almost 80 years before falling to #5 in recent years. They are still a massive company, manufacturing almost 8 million vehicles per year and reporting over $130 billion in annual revenue. GM has had many brands under its umbrella but in recent years have pared their roster down to four main makes in the North America/European markets: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac. In addition, the company has three active brands serving the Asian market: Baojun, Jiefang, and Wuling. Its Buick and Cadillac brands are iconic and are synonymous with a comfortable driving experience. All together GM makes about 45 different models across virtually every segment of the market. They make trucks, minivans, coupes, sedans, SUVs crossover vehicles, hybrids and sports cars. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a vehicle, GM has an offering.

Average Insurance Cost for a GMC Vehicle

Car insurers spend a lot of time and effort trying to quantify automotive risk to the very best of their ability. Part of these calculations involves researching the prevalence of accidents and safety ratings for each make and model of car. In addition, car insurance premiums take into account a range of personal information from the vehicle owners such as their age, their driving record, and place of residence. With all of these variables there’s no one way to quantify how much you will pay for GMC cars in general. The average cost of full car insurance for a vehicle in the United States is around $1,400 per year. There are some general guidelines that you can use, though. The sticker price of your car will generally indicate how much above or below the average you can expect to pay. Expensive cars using high quality materials and parts are often more expensive to repair, so insurers charge for for their coverage. A budget car like a Sonic make cost about $1,000 per year to insure while a high performance vehicle like Corvette Stingray may approach $2,000 or more.

Model Insurance rate (monthly) Base car price
Acadia $137 $29,070
Acadia Limited $134 $43,850
Canyon $127 $20,885
Savana $123 $32,490
Terrain $122 $39,500
Yukon $191 $66,000

GMC Car Insurance Rates by Companies

American vehicle owners have many choices when it comes to car insurance. In addition to the big name brands that we constantly see in nationwide advertisement, there are many other smaller regional providers of insurance. When it comes to seeking an insurance carrier for your GM vehicle the safest bet for getting a good deal is to be a diligent shopper. There are wide differences in pricing between insurers. Take the time to do some good old fashioned legwork and get free comparative quotes before you settle on a provider.

GMC Roadside Assistance

GM has both a free and a subscription roadside service program (Onstar). Check with your dealer for full details.

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