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How much cost Chrysler car insurance?

Chrysler was acquired by Fiat after a period of financial turbulence that saw it file for bankruptcy in the aftermatgh of the Great Recession. The company is back to making quality automobiles in the upscale sedan, minivan and convertible markets.

Average Insurance Cost for a Chrysler

The price of insuring your Chrysler, or any make of car for that matter, is dependent on a variety of factors. Your age, your place of residence, your credit rating and other parts of your personal demographic profile will greatly influence your annual premiums. Younger drivers tend to get into more accidents and receive more moving violations than other age groups and are thus seen as greater risks than other drivers. As a result, they pay higher premiums. Your driving record plays a large part in determining whether you will get preferred rates for insuring your Chrysler. Finally, the exact make and model of your car will influence your rates. The higher the sticker price of your car, the higher your insuarnce costs will be, generally speaking. Broadly speaking, Chrysler insurance costs for full coverage will be around $1,500 or a bit above the national average. Most states require certain bare minimums of insuarnce coverage but we recommend buying as much coverage as you can comfortably afford. Costs vary widely by state, so make sure you shop around for your car insurance.

Model Monthly insurance premium
Chrysler 300 $1,547
Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid $1,546
Chrysler Sebring $1,446
Chrysler Town and Country $1,283
Average Insurance Rates for Chrysler by Driver $1,350
Teen drivers $4,839
High-risk drivers $2,902
High-deductible drivers $1,146
30-year old drivers $1,422
50-year old drivers $1,230

Chrysler Insurance Rates by Company

If you regularly watch a lot of television you have no doubt seen countless commercials for auto insurers. Sometimes serious, often funny, and frequently accompanied by catchy jingles, these advertisements could give you the impression that there are only a small handful of car insurance carriers. But the reality is that there are many players in this field. While big boys like Progressive can often give Chrylser owners good rates, there are many small carriers that give undercut the big guys. Some insureres, like USAA, cater to the customers in the miltary. If you are an active duty or retired service member, they will give you discounts. Other smaller companies like Erie and Farmers Bureau pride themselves on customer service. At the end of the day, it’s hard to say who will give you the best rate for insuting your Chrysler so tyour best bet is to get quotes from three or more carriers. You will undoubtedly see fairly large price differences and can save yourself a lot of money.

Roadside Assistance for Your Chrysler

Chrysler offers roadside assistance on its new cars for the term of the basic warranty period. In other words, up to 5 years or 60,000 miles. It covers the usual flat tire, dead battery and lockout issues. Most car insurers also provide expanded roadside assistance, often including better towing options and temporary replacement vehicles. Consult you insurer to see the details and see if it meets your needs and your budget.

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