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How much cost Cadillac car insurance?

The Cadillac is, perhaps, America’s quintessential luxury automobiles. It looms large in 20th century pop culture having been mentioned in song by Chuck Berry, Bruce Springsteen and countless others. Some would say that cruising down a highway in a Caddy is a big part of the American Dream. We’re content to merely say that Cadillac has been making quality cars for well over 100 years and its current product line proudly carries on that tradition. Cadillac

Choose your Cadillac model

Cadillac is actually a part of the General Motors company and has its headquarters in Warren, Michigan. It began making cars 1902 and, next to the Buick, is the oldest continuously produced car brand in the United States. The firm was formed by financial backers of Henry Ford who went on to achieve some renown of his own in the automotive world. Cadillac was then bought by GM a few years later. In recent years Cadillac has reported sales of almost 400,000 vehicles. Cadillac currently markets 7 models encompassing sedans and SUVs assembled in 5 plants across the United States and one in China.

Average Insurance Cost for a Cadillac

When comparing annual insurance costs for particular models, experts will typically use full coverage insurance as a baseline. Full coverage means adding in collision and comprehensive insurance in addition to the standard liability insurance that most states mandate as a bare minimum. Across the United States, the average full coverage costs is around $1,400 and the cost for insuring a Cadillac is around $1,900 per year. Insurance costs generally rise in relation to the MSRP of the automobile in question and Caddy is no different. Of course these are just averages. Your exact price will depend on the particular model of Cadillac that you buy as well as your own personal factors. Car insurers look at your driving safety record, your age and your place of residence when calculating your premium. If you can bundle other insurance needs, such as home insurance or multiple cars, you will get discounts from most carriers.

Model Insurance rate (monthly) Base car price
ATS $174 $34,595
ATS-V $171 $60,695
CT6 $238 $53,795
CTS $173 $45,995
CTS-V $171 $85,995
Escalade $179 $73,395
XT5 $239 $39,395
XTS $167 $45,595

Cadillac Car Insurance Rates by Companies

Virtually every car insurance carrier will offer to cover your Cadillac but, as we mentioned. Luxury cars generally are more expensive to insure. But there is still a wide variety of prices that different insurers charge so we strongly urge you to shop around. Get quotes from three or more providers and you will see with your own eyes just how varied premiums can be. Don’t limit yourself to just the nationally advertised brands. Smaller regional insurers can be very price competitive and can often offer outstanding customer support as well. It pays to shop around.

Cadillac Roadside Assistance

Cadillac offers buyers of its cars a 6 year, 70,000 mile roadside assistance program at no additional cost. The program covers the typical roadside assistance events: flat tires, dead battery, lockout, and emergency fuel delivery.

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