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Health Insurance License

If you want to become a health insurance consultant or broker you will need a health insurance license. Each state has it’s own licensing requirements, and most of them require you to take an exam to join this rewarding career. What is covered on the exams? Well, most of the time it is medical jargon, insurance terms and laws that you will need to follow in order to legally sell insurance to consumers. Most programs offer life and health insurance licensing at the same time. There are some online classes in addition to in person options for education so that you can pass the exam with flying colors.

Health Insurance License Careers

Once you have your health insurance license you can join the ranks of folks who are truly helping people find the right health insurance for them and their families. The salary range for a health insurance consultant is anywhere from $32,000-$100,000, while insurance brokers can make $33,000-$125,000 per year plus some commissions. That proves that getting your health insurance license can lead to a fruitful life and a lot of success for your family. Once you get your license you can go and work for someone else or get into business for yourself. The newer position of health insurance consultant became even more popular with the creation of the Affordable Care Act, which required consumers to get educated on all the new healthcare policies.

Other Health Insurance License Requirements

Some states require you to get fingerprinted so you can be in the state’s records, and others require you to register with one state agency or another. To become a health insurance professional, you will probably need a high school diploma or GED, plus some work experience in an office or with sales. You may have an easier time getting a job if you have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, especially if it is in a business related subject. Other than that, there are no requirements  to work in this exciting field that is projected to grow. It will probably get more important as more health insurance changes happen in the near future. Make sure you keep reading here to find out about the most current changes.

Getting your health insurance license will lead you to a new career that will be rewarding and fulfilling. Sound like a good idea to you? Then find out the requirements for your state and get started.

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