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Health Insurance Consultant

Looking for a new career? A health insurance consultant is something to consider if you are reasonably passionate about helping people. This is a job that has become even more popular and necessary with the introduction of the Affordable Care Act because it brought in a lot of new procedures for procuring health insurance. Many people prefer to search the council of a health insurance specialist before choosing a plan, so it has created a satisfying career for many people. 

Insurance Expert Salary

The median salary for a health insurance consultant in the USA is $55,227. This is a pretty decent pay grade that will definitely help you pay for your own health insurance. Some insurance specialists also double as brokers, so they may get commissions on the plans they sell, leading to even more income. This is also a field that is expected to grow in the future. Some statistics show the need for health insurance brokers will grow by at least 9% in the next few years. Of course, a lot of that will depend on what happens with the American healthcare system politically.

Insurance Consultant Requirements

Most of the time, if you want to work in this helpful position, you will at the very least require a high school diploma. You will probably need to have some type of office experience in order to get this type of job without a college degree. If you have an associate’s or a bachelor’s, you may have an easier time securing a position in this field. It’s preferable if your degree is in finance, business or even insurance. Yes! They do have degrees that allow you to specialize in the insurance industry.

You will also need to get licensed in your state in order to be a professional health insurance consultant. This will likely consist of taking an exam and keeping your license up to date over the years. That means taking continuing education classes as required, which isn’t a terrible thing at all, when you consider you will have a great career helping people with health insurance!

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