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Company Spotlight: Universal Car Insurance

Universal Car Insurance is an insurance company based out of Worcester, MA. Their goal is to help everyday people achieve the American Dream through providing them with affordable and trustworthy auto insurance. Since they are a small and local company, they can provide you with personalized service and extra special customer care. Universal Insurance Agency tries to appeal to small business owners so they provide vehicle insurance for both individuals and businesses. They treat their clients well and even offer them helpful tips for finding the best insurance and running a business. They serve people in Massachusetts only. Since many in their area speak Spanish, they have a few Spanish speaking agents to cater to everyone who might want to use their services. 

Universal Insurance is willing to be real with their clients. They plainly state on the site that the cheapest car insurance isn’t always the best one. They tell their clients that what they need to do is make sure they are fully covered before completing their insurance plan. That’s because you might save a few bucks on the month to month with an insurance plan that is pretty flimsy, but when you get into an accident your personal liability can be greater. The insurance provided by Universal is great because they have professionals to look over your plan before you completely sign off on it. You’ll never be on your own with this local insurance firm.

In addition to car insurance for traditional four wheel vehicles, they also offer motorcycle insurance which is very important for those who like to ride and rumble. They even offer tips for motorcycle riders on how to save on their insurance by taking safety courses or keeping their bike off the street in the winter time when ice and snow make accidents more likely.

Universal covers your RV too. They are all about getting proper coverage for anything that moves on wheels! RV insurance can even cover other vehicles that you store on the bus like a boat or a snowmobile. Your recreational vehicle is a big investment so protect it well with a company that really knows it’s car insurance facts.

As a car insurance companies that caters to small business owners, it only makes sense that Universal Insurance Agency also covers your business vehicles. Whether you’ve got one car that you use for your business or a whole fleet of them, you can get covered. Making sure you’re covered on all of your vehicles whether they are for business or for pleasure is what this company is all about.

You can even get insurance for your boat or other watercraft. Sure you probably don’t use it everyday like you use your car, but it’s still an important vehicle in your collection if you’ve got one. Universal Insurance Agency also has life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, business insurance, flood insurance and windstorm insurance. All of these types of coverage are a good idea to get, but most important for your road worthy vehicles is car insurance, of course!

So, if you’re in Massachusetts and considering which car insurance to get, consider Universal Insurance because they are a small company who will get you working with an agent to find the best plan for you. They are not an impersonal online company that lets you sign up simply through a website. Both options, online and agent, are good for some people, but each client has a preference, and this one is definitely for those who want a personal touch to their vehicle coverage experience.

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