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Company Spotlight: Nationwide Health Insurance

Nationwide Health Insurance is a company that provides lots of different types of insurance to many people in the US. They have a great health insurance program that is more like a supplement to your regular health insurance coverage. Everyone knows the motto that “Nationwide is on your side,” and a cursory review shows this is totally true. What do they offer?

Accident Medical Insurance

Some main health insurance plans have a limit to how much coverage you can get for certain events. That’s why getting additional accident insurance is a great idea. This type of coverage is perfect for groups like sports teams or after school programs. That way if any of the members of the group are uninsured, they will at least be covered in the case of an accident. 

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is great for any international trip. You can get coverage for your trip abroad and then just relax once you are there. You can get yourself to your destination without having to worry about what might happen, because travel insurance covers a lot more than just your health. 

Special Liability Health Insurance

Special liability insurance is the thing that you need to protect yourself. It’s great for anyone who teaches a class or someone who has a special event going on. It can even be used for exercise studios and gyms, where injuries and accidents can happen pretty easily! How does this relate to health insurance? Well, any injury that occurs will probably require some medical attention.

Employee Health Insurance

Nationwide Health Insurance offers supplemental insurance to beef up your employee benefits package. Medical stop loss insurance helps to cover losses from employee illnesses if you have self-funded health insurance for your company. It’s basically a stop-gap measure in case several of your workers fall sick at the same time! It’s a great idea.

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