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Company Spotlight: Health Partners Insurance

When you are searching for a health insurance company, you may consider Health Partners Insurance. They were founded in 1957 and today they have grown to an immense size. The Minnesota based company provides care to more than 1.8 million clients, and have a network of over 1500 doctors across the country. Not only do they provide healthcare, but Health Partners Insurance also has an exciting institute that performs research to cure and treat diseases. They also do great work in the communities they serve, educating participants about mental health, preventative carem fitness and nutrition and more. Clearly this is a company that really cares about their clients and patients since they do so much for them.

Health Partners Insurance offers Medicare plans, plans through places of employment, and plans for individuals as well. They have everything you might need for your healthcare and insurance needs, so check them out if you’re shopping for a new plan.

5.0out of 512 user reviews

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