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Car insurance in Jackson,TN

Hazards and risk prediction.

Jackson is located in West Tennessee, 70 miles from Memphis. It is an essential city in the local economy; it has a glorious history and a fantastic past.

Here is such short information waiting for you in open sources. And at first glance, it seems that there is nothing to add to this description. Maybe we can add that the number of inhabitants is up to 70,000 people and that it is the eighth-largest city in the state.

But, if you are fortunate enough to live and work in this location, you are well aware that great trade routes are due to historical factors, and the economic significance far exceeds the size of the city.

If you are lucky to live and work here, your life is probably connected with trade in one way or another. This means that forecasting and minimising risks for you is not just sound. And the main rule - if there is an opportunity to protect risks, then this must be done.

Car insurance in Jackson, TN, is a prime example of seriousness and sobriety. After all, who will deal with you if you are not able to take care of yourself? Moreover, given the fact that the state is not too expensive in the cost of auto insurance.

The average cost of car insurance in Jackson, TN, is only $ 1,200. And this is more than a fair deal compared, to the other states. Besides, do not forget that the price of the policy depends on many factors.

Your driver record, credit history, car theft statistics, and even whether you are a homeowner. All these factors play a considerable role and, most often, can reduce the cost.

Also, the requirements for auto insurance in Jackson, TN, are highly flexible. So, you must have a policy covering bodily injury liability and property damage liability. At the same time, personal injury protection (PIP) and uninsured motorist coverage - are not required.

Minimum liability limits contain coverage up to $ 50,000 for all persons injured in an accident, subject to a limit of $ 25,000 for one individual; and $ 15,000 coverage for property damage.

This is the minimum at which you can provide yourself with cheap car insurance in Jackson. In the short term, this can save a lot of money. But we know that you look beyond the horizon and know how to calculate potential risks. And you understand that cheap auto insurance can result in high legal costs and fees for greedy lawyers.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to carefully study the market and choose the optimal policy for yourself. The market of auto insurance in Jackson, TN, is extensive and replete with offers, so feel free to require discounts and special conditions.

The abundance of high-value roads and high traffic density in this part of Tennessee require a well-thought-out plan from drivers. And it’s very cool that all you need is to point your finger at the program you need.

Auto Body Shops in Jackson, TN

  • David White Body Shop

    769 Airways Blvd, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-424-3303

  • Mitchell's Body Shop

    96 Riverport Dr, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-427-6446

  • Haynes Body Shop

    339 D St, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-424-2021

  • Thompson Auto Inc

    1094 S Highland Ave, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-427-4824

  • Collision Specialists, Inc.

    96 Fairway Blvd, Jackson, TN 38305, USA

    +1 731-668-9263

  • Matchmaster of Jackson

    993 Airways Blvd, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-868-1542

  • Transou's Body Shop

    211 High St, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-422-5025

  • Wooley's Body Shop

    326 Commerce St, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-265-0000

  • Monster Paint Garage

    440 Airways Blvd, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-421-8969

  • Service King Collision Jackson TN

    37 N Star Dr, Jackson, TN 38305, USA

    +1 731-661-0450

  • Victory Honda of Jackson Body Shop

    1408 US-45 BYP, Jackson, TN 38305, USA

    +1 731-207-8822

  • Sonnys Auto Detailing

    148 Airways Blvd, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-267-9902

  • Rushing's Auto Repair

    71 Cobb Rd, Jackson, TN 38305, USA

    +1 731-424-5184

  • Dennis Mitchell Automotive

    896 Hollywood Dr, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-424-1486

  • Goodyear Auto Service

    1982 N Highland Ave, Jackson, TN 38305, USA

    +1 731-668-8300

  • Guardian Auto Repair - Jackson, TN

    964 S Highland Ave, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-423-2888

  • Johnny Bold Auto Repair

    1452 E Chester St, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-427-8662

  • Lynn Auto Repair

    21 Holiday Dr, Jackson, TN 38305, USA

    +1 731-664-5782

  • Family Auto Repair

    336 Hollywood Dr, Jackson, TN 38301, USA

    +1 731-300-0205

  • Northside Auto Service

    3780 US-45, Jackson, TN 38305, USA

    +1 731-664-6933


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I live on the outskirts of Jackson TN and therefore find myself frequently commuting into town a lot for business. Using a cheap and reliable car insurance company like A Plus really puts me at ease on the road. My life revolves around my car and knowing that protected in the case of any accident helps me sleep soundly at night.

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