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Auto Insurance For Veterans

People and companies across the country are thankful for your service in protecting this country and being in the military. After your military service is complete, many companies will offer you discounts on your automobile insurance, and it is good to be aware of what is available and how much money you can save.

Active Military Personnel Can Access Special Car Insurance Rates

Before talking about veteran discounts, it is important to note that active military personnel can also access special car insurance rates and save money with discounts too. Some auto insurance companies also provide services and discounts like long-term storage discounts for active military personnel.

  Discounts/Perks Availability Cost Reputation

15% garage on base, 60% deployment

50 states Affordable High J.D. Power rankings for claims and shopping process
Liberty Mutual Varies 50 states Average A BBB rating
Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) 15% garage on base 10 states direct, 38 more through partners Average A+ BBB rating
Esurance Cancel policy during deployment without lapse in coverage 43 states Average A- BBB rating

How Much of a Discount Can Veterans Expect?

Many major companies offer discounts to veterans, from USAA , and more. In many cases, discounts of between 10 and 15% are available for military veterans. Some companies give larger discounts than others, with USAA often leading the way. Farmers Insurance and Esurance, as well as numerous other companies also offer discounts. USAA insurance is a popular choice for many people in the military.

Consider Getting Car Insurance Through the VF

The VFW, or Veterans of Foreign Wars, has partnered up with a car insurance company called 21st Century insurance to offer veterans automobile insurance and also provides significant benefits to veterans. Like USAA, VFW can be a popular choice and give you access to lower rates than you would receive from a standard car insurance company.

Consider Getting Car Insurance Through the USAA

For active military personnel, veterans, and their families, USAA is one of the most popular choices. In addition to saving money off of the cost of your insurance, USAA gives additional benefits, such as up to 15% off when you park your vehicle on a military base, and up to 90% off for deployed military members if your car is stored in a secure location.

Some Insurance Companies Place Veteran Drivers in a Lower Risk Class

While it might be a pleasant thought to believe that automobile insurance providers give insurance discounts to veterans out of the goodness of their hearts, there is more to it than that. The statistics show that veterans are less likely to make claims than ordinary drivers. There are many reasons that this could be the case, like disciplined lifestyles and a higher likelihood of being able to make some repairs themselves. Veterans may also be less likely to engage in risky behaviors, making them a good investment for insurance companies. If you are a military veteran with a good driving record, finding cheap rates for your automobile insurance plan is likely.

Your Discounted Veterans Auto Insurance Coverage Might Extend to your Entire Family.

Another perk that comes when veterans get insurance is that their entire household may benefit from your service. Because policies usually apply to an entire household, the discounts you receive can help everyone. As a veteran driver, you will be able to add other vehicles to your policy as well. By getting a multicar policy, or bundling multiple cars together on one plan, you can save money.

How to Qualify for a Veterans Discount

When applying for auto insurance online, there is generally a box to click that will inform the car insurance company if you are an active military member or veteran. Most people cannot check this box off, but being able to will unlock great savings. Instead of seeing the prices that everyone else would pay for their liability insurance, collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, and other insurance types offered, you will see the rate with your veteran’s discount applied.

In order to receive these rates, you will need to provide proof that you served in the military. This proof can be in the form of your VA Veterans Identification Card or VIC. some states do offer special designations for veterans on their driver's license or state-issued identification cards, which are also accepted. In situations where none of these options are available, proof of service letters can also be obtained through the VA/DoD websites.


Pretty much every automobile insurance company in the United States offers discounts of some type for those actively serving in the military and for veterans. Your service is appreciated, and car insurance providers are happy to provide you with discounts. Some car insurance companies offer smaller discounts than others, and some offer comprehensive packages and other benefits to veterans. Insurance for veterans can be obtained through VFW, USAA, and many other companies. It is still a good idea to research rates with multiple companies, as well as comparing policies and other perks that veterans receive. It all starts by getting free quotes, and there are plenty of tools here to help you get the quotes to compare. Taking the time and doing your research can help you choose the top policy for your needs, and get the discount you deserve for your military service.

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Its really great, that such programs does exist. We have to take care of people who protected our piece and interests of our country. My father is a veteran, and my brother is on active duty. So I am fully aware how important is it to show them that we are grateful and proud of them, even through such things as insurance
I think, that military are not only more disciplined and more often repairing cars themselves, but they are also more skilled drivers, comparing with ordinary civilians. So maybe this is also reflected in their insurance rating.
10-15% is pretty low discount. Maybe in a long-term future saved amount will be quiet tangible. Anyway, its better then nothing.

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