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Is Assurance Car Insurance?

The word assurance means confidence. It is definitely a good word to use when it comes to car insurance, which is why so many car insurance companies love to use the assurance in their names. The word brings to mind a friend who is going to help you when something goes wrong. It’s someone to trust who backs you up during a tough time. Do you want to have assurance on your side? Of course you do! Well here are the top companies that call themselves Assurance Insurance

New India Assurance

As the name would suggest, this company is based in Mumbai, India, but they provide car insurance in 27 countries. They are the only direct insurance provider in India itself, and they provide quality service outside of it as well. They are a huge company and their name does inspire trust and confidence. India is a very varied place, with rural areas and huge cities, and they cover it all!

Assurance Agency, Inc.

Compared to New India this is a small company that is based in Virginia and licensed to provide insurance in only Washington DC and Virginia. They may be small, but they are proud to be an independent insurance agency that can get their auto insurance customers low prices and great, personalized customer service.

Assurance Total Protection

Assurance Total Protection is another mid sized American agency that provides coverage to people in the Midwest of the country. As a smaller company, their stated goal is to treat their clients and customers like people - not just as another policy to add to the roster. They really want to give individualized service and stand by their confidence-inspiring name. 

Plymouth Rock Assurance

Plymouth Rock is where the Pilgrims landed near Cape Cod in Massachusetts. So, it makes sense that Plymouth Rock Assurance is a company that provides auto insurance coverage to most of the New England states. Residents of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania can get covered through this medium sized firm that gives customers the options of working with an agent or going the online route.

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