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Vacant Home Insurance

Tips And Details About Vacant Home Insurance

First off, let's start by explaining the differences that many insurance companies have between vacant home insurance and unoccupied home insurance:

Vacant Home Insurance covers homes when the home is completely empty. There are no personal belongings inside. This can be because you have moved into a new home and are waiting to sell your home, are traveling, or your house is being watched by a house-sitter.

Unoccupied Home Insurance covers homes when the property has been left in a way that the owners can or will return at any time.

Noting the differences is valuable because there are insurance policies available for both unoccupied homes and vacant homes. Sometimes it is harder to find coverage for a vacant home. If you are unsure if which insurance applies to your situation, please don't hesitate to reach out. American Insurance agents are here to answer any questions you have. 

What Does Vacant Home Insurance Cover

Here we will be discussing vacant homes and their relation to insurance. Vacant homes are at a higher risk than homes that have people living there. They are at a higher risk for vandalism and theft because they are easier targets. In addition, there is a higher likelihood that whatever is damaging the home is not caught early in the process. This can include things like burst pipes and electrical fires.

Being Honest Is Important With Vacant Home Insurance

If your home is going to become vacant, it is important for you to check your current insurance policy to make sure that you inform the insurance company that the house is vacant in a proper amount of time. Failure to do so can have implications for your coverage and your insurance policy in general. Lying about this can be grounds for an insurance company to deny your claim or cancel your policy. When it comes to discussing things with your insurance company, being both proactive and honest are the best policies.

Not all companies offer vacant home insurance policies, due to the risks these homes have. Reach out to us and we are happy to answer any questions that you have and make sure you get the information you need regarding vacant home insurance. In addition, if your situation sounds more like it applies to unoccupied home insurance, we are happy to help with that too.

Other Ways To Protect Your Home

Protecting your investment means more than just getting insurance, There are additional things that you can do to protect your home when there is no one living there. In fact, some insurance companies require that you do some of them as part of the terms of your policy:

Maintain the Homes Exterior and Grounds: If your property looks neglected or in-lived in, it is a higher risk for insurance companies. It is also more likely that your home will be broken into. Trimming trees that could damage the home and take care of snow help decrease risk, as well as help keep your insurance policy active. Branches can fall on your home and people can slip, these are very costly to pay for, and are other reasons that vacant home insurance are so important.

Enhancing Your Homes Security: Alarms, better locks, and light timers are all great for preventing your home from being a target. In addition, closing binds and other simple things to prevent people from getting into and seeing into the home are valuable. You may even be able to get a discount for some of these things. Asking your American Insurance agent is the best way to see which discounts you qualify for.

Final Notes

It is critical that you are aware of what your homeowner's insurance policy covers. If a home is left vacant for more than 30 days, your insurance company may not cover the expenses that can occur from incidents and situations that happen. With homes being one of people largest investments, it is important to get the protection that you need and that the protection you have is maintained. At American Insurance, we are here to help you make sure your policy covers your needs. Sometimes that involves getting vacant home insurance. 

We are here to give you peace of mind and to protect you so you have the peace of mind that lets you enjoy life more. Stay protected with American Insurance.

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