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Tiny Home Insurance

Tiny Home Insurance

Getting Tiny Home Insurance Saves Big Money

Tiny homes are not big in size, but they are one of the big new crazes of the last number of years. Many people are moving into homes that are considered tiny homes. They are a great way to save money and some people have expressed excitement at how their lives have been simplified after purchasing one. 

For a long time, it was hard to get a good insurance policy for tiny houses. Over the last few years though it has been much easier to get tiny home insurance due to more companies understanding the risks and formulating a variety of policies for the growing number of people making the move to a more fun-sized home.

Complexities of Tiny Home Insurance

There are complexities to owning and insuring tiny homes, here are a few of them:

Regulations and Classifications: Cities that have a growing number of tiny homes have been learning a lot. With a home this small, some of the regulations didn't quite fit. Insurance policies were the same in a number of ways. There wasn't much choice for insurance policies until homeowner’s insurance companies learned more about tiny homes. With tiny homes having a harder time meeting all the local building codes where they are built sometimes modifications need to be made in order to get an insurance policy. Sometimes local ordinances even dictate what types and sizes of structures can be built on a property.

At times insurance companies will cover tiny homes when certain modifications are made or the tiny home is planned with insurance in mind. Options can include putting the tiny home on wheels or having a secondary main residence. There are also some elements of homeowner’s insurance that are not covered (like towing), so keep those in mind when talking to an agent about your tiny home insurance policy.

Is RV Insurance A Good Option

At times, RV insurance coverage can work for a tiny home. In order for most companies to allow this, the tiny home may need to be built by a company certified to build RVs. Some insurance companies offer full-time RV insurance coverage, as most RV's are considered recreational vehicles and are not considered permanent dwellings. Another good note to be aware of is that many campgrounds will only allow houses on wheels to park and utilize their premises if the home has an RIA seal. Non-RVIA certified homes may not be allowed.

What Else Can You Do

There are insurance companies that offer tiny home insurance and bend the rules a little for some tiny homes that do not have the RVIA seal. Research is important. Be careful and make sure that this policy will cover all the things that you need it to cover. Even though tiny homes are small, your tine home will can still cost a lot of money to repair if they are damaged. It is good to make sure that things that need to be permanently installed in the terms of the policy are and to design your home with these needs addressed.

Final Notes

There are many insurance agents that will talk to you more about getting coverage for your tiny home, even if it is a self-built tiny home. At American Insurance, we pride ourselves on being able to make the right fit for our customer's situations. We can help you as well. Quotes are free, and out amazing agents are there to answer any questions you may have. If you are, or plan on, living in a tiny home it is a good idea to research and et a policy that covers the sort of use you are using the home for. It can even be a good idea to find an insurer before you build the come so that you know you will be covered and can modify the design if needed. Regardless of what you do, American Insurance is here to help Call us today for more information or to ask questions.

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