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International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance covers people who are going to go abroad. It is different than travel insurance which is just for short term voyages. This type of coverage is usually for people who are going to be traveling abroad or working abroad for at least a year. It’s great for expats because it usually includes unique things like repatriation in the case that you are so sick that you want to return home. Many of them also offer an English speaking advice line for people who want to get the council of someone back home before going to a foreign doctor. Here are some of the top International Health Insurance companies for global travelers.

Cigna Global

Cigna Global is an international health plan that has a lot of options. They have three tiers of plans with varying levels of deductibles that you can choose from. They are well known for having great service. Their top tiers even cover mental healthcare in full and come with a travel safety app to help you stay healthy and safe while you are all around the globe. They also offer international vision and dental insurance so that you can have great teeth and eyesight while you are away on your adventures.

Aetna International

Aetna is a top insurance provider so it shouldn’t be any surprise that their international insurance is a top choice for many expats. For individuals and families they offer tips on moving abroad, help via the phone and other amazing resources for those who are moving somewhere that a bit of comfort and familiarity would be a welcome addition. They even provide users with “country guides” that will give you the idea of what type of healthcare is available in your destination.

Patriot International

This is more like travel insurance than actual health insurance, however, if you will be working abroad for a certain period of time you may find it to be quite useful. They offer up to $2 million of medical coverage for traveling abroad which includes natural disaster benefits, terrorism benefits and even repatriation costs. Of course you never know what is going to happen when you’re abroad. They also have an option for coverage of adventure sports.

Geo Blue

Geo Blue is another travel insurance that is available for long term international travel. They have their Xplorer plan option which is appropriate for expats and long term travel. Otherwise they have two other options for single trips and multiple trips. The Xplorer option is quite exciting because not only does it cover you 100% when you are abroad, there is also an 80% coinsurance when you are in the US, so even if something happens while you are back here visiting family then you will be covered. 

International Medical Group

IMG is a great option for international health insurance. You can tell because it has the word international right in the name of the company! They only offer plans for those who will be abroad for at least one year. They also have a medical concierge that can help you save a lot of money. You can call up the concierge for medical advice instead of having to find a doctor depending on the situation. With flexible deductibles, evacuation coverage and coverage for unconventional therapies like acupuncture and massage therapy, you’ll travel with a calm mind.

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