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How much cost Toyota RAV4 car insurance?

Toyota RAV4 General Information

As a crossover SUV, the Toyota RAV4 and all its trims are known to have a more comfortable ride and superior fuel economy to a traditional sport utility vehicle, but less off-road capability. The 2020 model features a 2.5 liter, four-cylinder engine with 184 pound-feet of torque and up to 203 horsepower. Comparatively, the Toyota RAV4’s horsepower rating is one of the highest among base-engine-equipped compact SUVs. 

How much does it cost to insure my Toyota RAV4

Toyota’s RAV4 compact crossover SUV has rocked the roads since 1994, and doesn’t show any signs of going away. Through the years, the car has been offered with multiple trim types, including the LE, XLE, Adventure, SE, Limited, and Platinum. Variations between the year, models, and trims can affect the insurance rates on any car, so make sure to research your specific year model and trim type when researching insurance rates. 

Toyota RAV4 Insurance Rates by Model Year

Model Year Total Premium
2020 Toyota RAV4 $1,325
2019 Toyota RAV4 $1,312
2018 Toyota RAV4 $1,303
2017 Toyota RAV4 $1,300
2016 Toyota RAV4 $1,285
2015 Toyota RAV4 $1,267
2014 Toyota RAV4 $1,238
2013 Toyota RAV4 $1,206
2012 Toyota RAV4 $1,167
2011 Toyota RAV4 $1,124
2010 Toyota RAV4 $1,104
2009 Toyota RAV4 $1,089
2008 Toyota RAV4 $1,056
2007 Toyota RAV4 $1,031
2006 Toyota RAV4 $998
2005 Toyota RAV4 $967
2004 Toyota RAV4 $939
2003 Toyota RAV4 $924
2002 Toyota RAV4 $906
2001 Toyota RAV4 $881

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure Toyota RAV4 By Year?

A lot can affect the overall cost to insure a car, including your driving record, the car’s safety ratings and age, plus where you live. In general, though, the Toyota RAV4 costs $6 less per month than the average vehicle. The 2018 model costs $946 per year on average to insure, while the 2017 model costs $916 per year on average, and the 2016 model costs $900 per year on average. 

Toyota RAV4 Safety Rating And Damage Threshold

It’s good to be aware of your car model’s safety rating when looking to insure it, as the insurers will often take this into account when creating your quote. The 2020 version of the Toyota RAV4 was named the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The SUV won this accolade for its resilience in the crash tests and collision avoidance tests, showing the best-possible performance in these categories. The headlight’s rating varied from “poor” to “good” depending on the car’s trim level. 

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