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How much cost Nissan Maxima car insurance?

Nissan Maxima General Information

The 2020 version of the car has the company’s Safety Shields 360 safety features standard. Also, now standard are the Integrated Dynamics Control Module, which includes Active Ride Control and Intelligent Engine Brake. With five trims available for the 2020 version, there are several options available for drivers.

How much does it cost to insure my Nissan Maxima

Safety is a high priority when driving, and also when purchasing a vehicle. The Nissan Maxima has received high scores with the IIHS. This full-size car is manufactured by the Japanese company Nissan. Its sales debut was in 1982. The vehicle is in its eighth generation, and in 2015 Nissan aired an ad during the Super Bowl to draw attention to it. Multiple trims are available, nine in total for the eighth generation.

Nissan Maxima Insurance Rates by Model Year

Model Year Total Premium
2020 Nissan Maxima $1,577
2019 Nissan Maxima $1,550
2018 Nissan Maxima $1,538
2017 Nissan Maxima $1,527
2016 Nissan Maxima $1,506
2014 Nissan Maxima $1,432
2013 Nissan Maxima $1,399
2012 Nissan Maxima $1,332
2011 Nissan Maxima $1,286
2010 Nissan Maxima $1,254
2009 Nissan Maxima $1,232
2008 Nissan Maxima $1,189
2007 Nissan Maxima $1,152
2006 Nissan Maxima $1,115
2005 Nissan Maxima $1,076
2004 Nissan Maxima $1,035
2003 Nissan Maxima $1,025
2002 Nissan Maxima $1,003
2001 Nissan Maxima $963
2000 Nissan Maxima $948

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How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Nissan Maxima By Year?

Drivers must have adequate insurance coverage to drive legally in the United States. The average car insurance premium for the Nissan Maxima is $125 per month. This is $27 more expensive than the average cost of insurance for people in the United States. Many factors affect what a person will pay for their automobile insurance plan, including the year the vehicle was manufactured. Use the free quote tools here to get the best price for car insurance available.

Nissan Maxima Safety Rating And Damage Threshold

Each year a car is rated, the same make and model can have different safety rating scores. In 2018, the Nissan Maxima received a Top Safety Pick rating from the IIHS, also referred to as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The NHTSA gave the vehicle an overall rating of five out of five stars that year.

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