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Home Warranty Insurance For The Inevitable

Home Warranty Insurance For The Inevitable

The saying better safe than sorry is around for a reason and if you think about it, it might have been created because of home warranty insurance. Home warranty insurance protects your home appliances and systems from normal wear and tear as well as major breakages. Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? Think about it this way. Home warranties fill in the blanks left by regular homeowners insurance polices. Yes a homeowners policy will protect your home and assets from fire, theft weather damage and any unforeseen accidents that may arise, but it will do nothing to help fix a faulty dryer or a malfunctioning microwave. Yet with a home warranty policy, that faulty dryer and microwave will be covered for repair or replacement by a licensed service technician that will be sent right to your home.  In this way, a home warranty policy keeps you safe from inevitable breakdowns instead of being sorry and having to shell out hundreds if not thousands out of pocket towards repairs.

Balanced Budgeting

Owning a home can be a major expense and if you are trying to maintain a budget for the home, one major system going down can cause financial havock for you and your family. Not to mention having to deal with shady repairmen that charge outrageous fees because they know they have you over a barrel.  With a home warranty, all those nasty variables are completely dealt with at no inconvenience to you. 

When you carry a home warranty policy, it has the potential to save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. Think about some of the major systems in your home like the central air conditioning unit. If that goes down in the height of the summer, you could be looking at an unexpended expense in the $1500 to $2000 dollar range. This could have long lasting and damaging effects to your finances if it’s not in your budget. 

A home warranty covers these types of repairs and keeps you from having to lay out such large amounts of cash. In addition, you will know that the technician dispatched to your house is a professional that is fully licensed and insured as well.

When Selling A Home

Did you know that carrying a home warranty can help you sell your home? There are a number of reasons why carrying a warranty service contract can benefit you when selling your home. To begin with, the buyer knows that the home, its systems and appliances were well cared for and fixed or replaced when needed. 

If the home you are selling includes a warrantee, it will allow the buyer to rest assured that if something happens to break after the sale, their out of pocket expenses for the repair will be kept to a minimum. And as an added bonus to the seller, if your home sells with a home warranty it can protect you from post sale arguments with your buyer should something break since they are already covered for the repair.

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