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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Life insurance will help your family when you are no longer around with your funeral and related expenses, your end of days hospital visits and medical bills and any other outstanding financial responsibilities. You can take some of the financial burden off of your loved one’s shoulders and relax knowing you’re family is safe when you are covered through a life insurance policy. 

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance is a kind of life insurance that you will be accepted to get and not turned away or rejected. You must be between the ages of 50 and 80 and most states have this kind of life insurance coverage. Some life insurance providers allow spouses that are between the ages of 45 and 80 the eligibility to apply for coverage as well.  There are no health questions asked and you do not have to take a medical examination. Life insurance companies guarantee acceptance because there is a two-year time period where your benefits are limited. 

Benefits won’t decrease for any reason and with guaranteed acceptance life insurance, it is typically based upon your age when the coverage first occurs and you gender. Your guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy will never be cancelled unless you don’t pay your premiums. There are multiple ways to pay your premiums. You can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. If you can afford to paying annually will save you money. You can typically pay using a major credit card, or get it automatically deducted from your bank account. 

Many life insurance companies offer a 30-day money back policy in the case that you decide the coverage isn’t what you want. All you have to do is let the life insurance provider know and they will give you the next step on how to get your money back. 

Coverage ranges from 2,000 – 25,000 dollars with rates varying from 10 dollars and higher. The premium rate really depends upon your specific application and individual situation. However once you are locked into a premium amount, it will stay the same for the rest of your life. The great thing about guaranteed life insurance is that you won’t have to go through the often-intrusive medical examination. 

Most applications only take a few minutes to complete and you can be approved in a matter of days rather than weeks. Guaranteed acceptance life insurance coverage is a type of whole or permanent life insurance. It can cover you for your entire life. Guaranteed accepted life insurance is best for individuals who are over 50 years old and are looking for acceptance no matter their health issues to assist in covering their funeral expenses and outstanding bills after they are gone. Planning for when you are no longer around may be a little emotionally trying but in the long run it will help your family and loved ones. 

Guaranteed acceptance life insurance coverage works like most whole life insurance policies as it gives benefits to beneficiaries when you pass away. Sometimes this kind of life insurance coverage is helpful for individuals who do not qualify for other kinds of life insurance policies. 

The positive aspects of guaranteed acceptance life insurance include: fast and easy coverage in a matter of days, no medical examination necessary, and it is much easier to be accepted to receive a guaranteed life insurance policy. However, you cannot have as much coverage and it’s typically more expensive than other kinds of life insurance. 

Some companies offer additional features like the paid-up feature, which allows your payments to end after you are 95 years old and coverage will continue. 

It’s important to realize that it’s a possibility for you to pay more than your loved ones will actually receive because guaranteed acceptance life insurance has high premiums and low coverage amounts. 

You can easily access a quote from life insurance companies through their websites or over the phone. If you don’t understand some of the rules in the contract, be sure to ask and have a good understanding before signing. Protecting yourself by getting the best life insurance available to you is important. It will help you relax because your loved ones financial future will be covered regarding your end of life costs and other outstanding bills. Make sure you get multiple quotes and policy packages from different life insurance providers prior to starting a policy for guaranteed acceptance life insurance coverage. Looking at many life insurance providers may give you the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

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